Best/Worst Case Scenarios for Redskins’ First Round Pick in NFL Draft

Tonight is the night that we find out what the Skins will do with their 10th overall pick in the NFL Draft. There are countless ways they can screw this up, but hey, there’s always a chance they’ll do something productive with their first pick! Just look at the last two years, right? Those weren’t so bad! So, briefly, a look at the best and worst case scenarios for tonight’s festivites.

ABSOLUTE WORST CASE: The Skins trade up to select Blaine Gabbert. There’s been talk that they could move to No. 4 to get Gabbert. This would involve losing picks, which is why the Skins would be extra interested.

REALISTIC WORST CASE: They stay at 10 and pick either Jake Locker or Julio Jones.

ABSOLUTE BEST CASE: They trade back, get more picks and use them to fill needs on both sides of the line.

REALISTIC BEST CASE: They stay at 10 and pick the best available lineman. There are a lot of them.

With 10 minutes between picks, we should know who the newest Redskin is sometime around 9:45 tonight. Try your best to keep your mind occupied with happy thoughts until then.

45 thoughts on “Best/Worst Case Scenarios for Redskins’ First Round Pick in NFL Draft”

  1. Taking a WR at No. 10 when you have much bigger needs on the line is why Jones is an awful pick. We can get skill position players in later rounds. Let us not forget lessons learned from Westbrook and Howard.

  2. Yes glaring need on the O-line but Julio is no Westbrook. Well, I don’t think he is. But yeah, I do not want to see Heyer ever on the field for us again.

  3. This draft is pretty deep at d-linemen, while I agree that if the Skins stay at 10 Jordan has to be the pick. If they can trade back to 14, I’d take Locker there, and than pick up a slipping Paea or Heyward w/ the 41st.

  4. “We can get skill position players in later rounds.”

    Well, if you mean 3rd or 4th rounds then the Skins are S-O-L because they don’t have any picks in either of these rounds (again).

    How many #1 receivers have been drafted in the 5th, 6th or 7th rounds?

  5. “there’s always a chance they’ll do something productive with their first pick!”

    Kind of surprised me when I looked at past drafts, but the Redskins first selections in first rounds have actually not been too terrible over the last ten years.

    2010 – Trent Williams
    2009 – Brian Orakpo
    2008 – (pick traded)
    2007 – LaRon Landry
    2006 – (pick traded)
    2005 – Carlos Rogers
    2004 – Sean Taylor
    2003 – (pick traded)
    2002 – (pick traded/Patrick Ramsey at 32)
    2001 – Rod Gardner

    That’s only two duds – and they were 9/10 years ago. It’s not necessarily who they pick, it’s who they don’t get to pick because of moronic trades.

  6. I hope the Skins draft a center with the 1st round pick or 41st pick. That should eliminate the Casey Rabach getting pushed back and stepping on the quarterback’s foot play.

  7. “How many #1 receivers have been drafted in the 5th, 6th or 7th rounds?”

    Marques Colston was the 252nd pick
    Patrick Crayton – 7th round
    T. J. Houshmandzadeh – 7th round
    David Tyree – 6th round

    Otherwise, pretty slim pickens

  8. @Kev only 1 of those guys, Colston, is a legit #1.

    I also can’t believe that no one has mentioned the biggest benefit of drafting Julio Jones: getting to blast ‘Me and Julio down by the Schoolyard’ every time he catches a TD

  9. Best case: trade back and get a OL, DL or OLB plus more picks. Parley on of those picks plus #41 to move in position late 1st to get Locker.

    Julio Jones does nothing for us without a OL and QB. See Larry Fitzgerald and the Cards this season.

  10. I agree. We could have a ten foot tall, three hundred pound olympic sprinter out there and it will get us nowhere without OL. We could have Peyton Manning too and it wouldn’t mean anything with our current OL.

  11. I will not speak ill of Westbrook for fear that he will find me and beat my ass.

    Best case or hope is they trade with New England to move down and get a mid rounder as well. Picks are worth more than players at this point in time with the organization.

  12. Draft Julio Jones? That does not make and sense what so ever. We just drafted Malcolm Kelly and Devin Thomas a couple of…….er…..nevermind

  13. Yeah, was just hoping for Prince. But in retrospect that is a good pick. Big DE with speed takes pressure off of Orakpo and hopefully give us a pass rush. Good pick. And his name is not Blaine

  14. You do realize not many college teams have a 3-4 defense right? You are going to have to convert players to run this d.

  15. Great pick. Kerrigan was a fucking monster in the Big 10. Worst case scenario he’s a solid starter for years to come and makes Orakpo better. Best case scenario he becomes a Pro Bowler in his own right.

  16. College overachiever asked to play a new position? We could have made a safer pick. I like that we added another pick though.

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