DMV: Notorious Little Runt of a Columnist Calls Gary Williams a ‘Little Runt of a Man’

Former Maryland athletic director/current NC State AD Debbie Yow claims Gary Williams tried to sabotage NC State’s search for a new coach. [Testudo Times]

Williams denied the charge. [Baltimore Sports Blitz]

Yow sympathizer/CBS Sports columnist Gregg Doyel bashed Williams on a NC radio show, saying that Gary is a “tiny little petty human being,” a “coward,” “a little bitty tiny coward runt of a man” and “a spineless little fraction of a man.” (Sweet Affliction shirt though, bro.) [Bog]

Caps beat Toronto in the shootout, win the Southeast. [Japers’ Rink]

Ovechkin netted his 300th career goal on a power-play slapper. [RMNB]

Nats lose in 10 in the Marlins despite Marquis’ strong start. [WaPo]

Spotted: a Stephen Strasburg jersey foul for the ages. [Bog]

Wiz beat Detroit for first 3-game winning streak in 3 years. [Bullets Forever]

McNabb’s front yard was victim to a hit-and-run. [Reliable Source]

The five best and five worst Redskins safeties of all time. [Fatpickled]

Do not want: this unbelievable Redskins toaster. [Hogs Haven]

13 thoughts on “DMV: Notorious Little Runt of a Columnist Calls Gary Williams a ‘Little Runt of a Man’”

  1. a. The Baltimore team did not play yesterday

    b. Who gives a shit about what the Baltimore team did at the same time as two Washington teams? You could also say, “hey when was the last time the Angels, Cavaliers and Indians won in the same day?” Except that would have been factually correct in reference to last night.

  2. I give a shit about “the Baltimore team” because I’ve been a baseball fan for more than 6 years and was not alive when baseball was in DC last. It’s a pretty simple…

    It remains unclear, however, why the question asked above does not require an answer. All you did was satisfy that the answer is in fact not “yesterday.”

  3. Its always fun to laugh at any dude wearing an affliction/ed hardy shirt with a design that looks like wings/tribal tattoos. Its the official douchebag uniform.

  4. Fuck off, Walter Johnson. The Nationals still blow fucking goats. First in war, first in piece, and last in the National League.

  5. Telling people they are stupid for rooting for a team is stupid. Unless that person

    a) is a non-local bandwagoner (a.k.a. Lakers fans in Atlanta)
    b) chose their teams because they like the uniform colors.

    However, if you started rooting for a team before Age 8, for any reason, that choice is off limits for any reason. I’d say most O’s fans around here fall into this impenetrable bubble of fandom.

    I want to like the Nats, but I can’t help it that I feel more strongly tied to the Orioles. Sorry WJ.

  6. Thisguy, I don’t give a shit who people I’ve never met root for. Every team has fans for various reasons. What pisses me off is the fact that the orioles are shoved down my throat (DC born and bred) when they belong to a totally independent, seperate (shitty) city with their own market. You will not see Nats coverage in baltimore. I also don’t like comments from douchbags that infer Nats fans only started watching baseball in 2005, and morons who can’t write..It’s “First in war, first in peace, last in the NL (was AL) East..” or wee willy kneeler would probably write “Eist” or “Eict” or some shit. You’re cool though in my book, not like you really give a shit Im sure.

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