Video: John Wall Punches Big Z, Then JaVale and Juwan Get to Posturing

The Heat visited Verizon Center tonight and things got a little heated!

Five instant observations/reactions from the fight that was:

1. John Wall punched Zydrunas Ilgauskas as hard as he could right in the ribs, and Big Z didn’t flinch.

2. Big Z didn’t bother to throw a punch either, because he didn’t have to, really. He does like to throw those bows though.

3. JaVale McGee squared off with Juwan Howard, who’s old enough to be JaVale’s father and would whoop that ass (via old-man strength).

4. Juwan also pushed a ref out of his way in a faux attempt to get at JaVale. Also, Juwan is still in the league.

5. Pretty disappointed that nobody sucker-punched LeBron there.

3 thoughts on “Video: John Wall Punches Big Z, Then JaVale and Juwan Get to Posturing”

  1. Z was throwing them bows, and they may look weak on video but let me catch you in the chin at that speed with a bow. Your ass would be smarting from it.

    Wall should of gone groin, ribs is a little weak spot when you got dudes in good physical shape. Catch them nuts with a punch and that tall bastard’s coming down.

    Get us the video of Lebron being put in a sleeper by Mo Evans that Steinz talks about.

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