DMV: Derrick Williams Does the JaVale McGee Salute After Dunking on Duke

After last night’s rout of Duke, the Wiz better get that No. 1 spot to make our Derrick Williams wish come true. And after he whipped out JaVale’s signature salute, you can bet we wish now more than ever. [SB Nation D.C.]

Andray Blatche needs to go? No shit! Good luck trading him. [Jason Reid]

It’s unknown if Mike Green will be back before the playoffs. [Caps Insider]

This is probably the best Natty Boh/Ovechkin shirt you’ll see. [Bog]

Fun: “What if Curt Schilling remained an Oriole?” [Dempsey’s Army]

Ryan Torain provided the Redskins’ lone NFL 2010 highlight. [Redskins Blog]

Brian Orakpo discusses his Twitter outburst from the other day. [Bog]

Marty Schottenheimer discusses his 2001 Washington Redskins. [Bog]

Buck Showalter discusses his Jeter and Epstein comments. [O’s Insider]

Jayson Werth will bat seccond for the Nats, so you know. [Goessling Game]

Werth second is good for the Nats, bad for Ian Desmond. [Nats Baseball]

The decision to start Rick Ankiel in CF is a curious one. [Capitol Punishment]

D.C.’s population is becoming dramatically paler. [City Desk]

7 thoughts on “DMV: Derrick Williams Does the JaVale McGee Salute After Dunking on Duke”

  1. Re: “bad for Desmond” – not really. More like lots of pressure on Desmond, because he will be the lead-off hitter on opening day. The guy is extremely talented – now he’ll have to prove it by getting on base for Werth and Zim. In addition to this make-or-break season for him with the glove.

  2. As a wizards fan watching the Arizona Duke game last night, I truly hope they somehow can get Derrick Williams in the draft

  3. “As long as they can stay away from Hairston as a regular player”

    This scares me too. I think that Rizzo and Riggs are getting too veteran friendly as the spring continues. Constantly saying how important it is to have guys like Cora, Hairston and Ankiel around. Woof.

  4. …and… holyshit, just remembered, Ankiel is going to be CF starter? Wha’ happened? I mean, I know Morgan’s barely serviceable, but we did have a base-stealing threat there, right? Right?

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