DMV: Michael Jordan Defending Len Bias

SI unleashes some rare Len Bias photos on the Internet. [ via Bog]

Sounds like Rick Ankiel will start in center for the Nats. [Nats Journal]

Nats pick up Oliver Perez for a bag of balls. [Nats Journal]

Buck Showalter talks some shit about Derek Jeter and Theo Esptein. [Baltimore Sports Report]

Camden Yards has lost its beloved ivy beyond centerfield. [The Sun]

Camden has fancy new food stands serving local fare. [Baltimore Sports Report]

Whatever’s bothering Ovechkin has bothered him for months. [Caps Insider]

The Caps are selling Charlie Sheen-inspired “Winning” t-shirts. [RMNB]

Sharing a story about Joe Gibbs and the late Liz Taylor. [Redskins Blog]

The five best and five worst Redskins offensive linemen ever. [Fatpickled]

Ernie Grunfeld must choose wisely with his lottery pick. [Bullets Forever]

3 thoughts on “DMV: Michael Jordan Defending Len Bias”

  1. The Birdland Dog: Available at Polock Johnny’s Famous Polish Sausage stands and on the club level.

    Also available, 12 gauge shotguns and terry cloth robes at Omar’s Shotgun Shack and gel caps of WMD and Pandemic in Bodie’s Boom-Boom Room.

    And, Polock Johnny’s? Really? Cant wait to see whats offered at N-word Jim’s or Slant-Eyed Lee’s.

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