McNabb in the 1996 Big East Tournament

It’s March, and this blog dabbles in Redskins coverage, so here’s a picture of Donovan McNabb suiting up for Syracuse in the Big East Tournament:

That was back in ’96, when the Orange were still Orangemen. How racist!

We’ve touched on McNabb’s basketballery before, but I didn’t realize how skinny he was back then. He looked kind of like a young Allen Iverson. Now he looks like an old overweight quarterback. The difference being 15 years and maybe 30 pounds.

I’ve put on some weight since then too. None of it muscle, mind you.

3 thoughts on “McNabb in the 1996 Big East Tournament”

  1. Super 5 was and is the man! He basically, single-handedly turned around the Philadelphia Eagles. He took a losing franchise and made them instant winners and Super Bowl contenders. Never had the running game or quality receivers the other greats did. Say what you will but he deserves credit he never appropriately received. Unlike some of the other so-called greats when they were the beneficiaries of great receivers. And no many of them didn’t make those receivers great. Montana didn’t make Jerry Rice & Taylor great… Young didn’t either!

  2. J Greene you said man…. THAT IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN SAYING FOR YEARS… McNabb had done it all basically on his own and the great defense they had… And I have only heard one time for any so called sports anchor and that was chris carter…. H has to one of the most unappreciated athlete ever, maybe not the most but definitely top 2? i cant think of another for real

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