DMV: ‘Washington Is First in the Division’

The Caps beat Florida on Alex Semin’s OT goal to take first in the Southeast and set up tonight’s showdown with Tampa Bay. [Japers’ Rink, OFB]

Semyon Varlamov is out another week or two with a knee. [Caps Insider]

A good look at how the Caps have improved their penalty kill. [RMNB]

Two Caps jerseys make the latest edition of Jersey Fouls. [Puck Daddy]

Here’s some vintage video of Caps fave Kevin “Killer” Kaminski. [OFB]

Video of David Gregory trying to “unleash the fury.” [The View From Here]

The Wizards fall to 1-29 on the road with a loss at Detroit. [WaPo]

Trevor Booker had a pair of impressive putback dunks on Saturday. [Bog]

Sneak peek at what may or may not be the Wiz’ new logo. [@MrMichaelLee]

Three reasons why O.J. Atogwe was a good deal for the Skins. [NFP]

Chris Cooley is back to blogging, which is a good thing. [The Cooley Zone]

The five best and five worst Redskins WRs of all time. [Fatpickled]

If Matt Stairs makes the Nats it will be a new record. [Biz of Baseball]

This Nats blogger is having an awesome spring training trip. [Nats NQ]

George Mason’s 16-game win streak snapped by VCU in the CAAs. [WaPo]

Root for VCU to beat ODU tonight if you want #3Bids4CAA. [JMUSB]

2 thoughts on “DMV: ‘Washington Is First in the Division’”

  1. “Sneak peek at what may or may not be the Wiz’ new logo”

    No, no, no, no, no – for the love of God – please, no!!

    I’m petrified this is what they are going to come up with, because they just turned the Mystics logo blue and red as well.

    Please Ted, completely re-brand the franchise.

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