Photo: The 1987 Redskins Out Picketing

I already confessed on Twitter that I don’t give a shit about the NFL lockout, or at least not yet anyway. What I do give a shit about is the Super Bowl XXII champion Washington Redskins. Here they are back in ’87, led by Jay Schroeder, protesting that ass (SI via DocJ):

Check out the full SI gallery of photos, including this beaut of Skins fans:

This also brings us to a pretty good trivia question: Without googling, can you name the ’87 Redskins scab QB(s)?

10 thoughts on “Photo: The 1987 Redskins Out Picketing”

  1. Ed Rubbert was one but I don’t remember the other. I think he was on work release when we beat the cowboys who had Randy White & Dorsett cross the picket line.

    Fun fact: The replacements w/ Keanu reevesis loosely based off the ’87 Skins.

    Fun Fact #2: I am indeed a nerd that if had the same knowledge about anything else, why I’d have #tigerblood.

  2. What a different time we live in. Now that the Redskins have been reduced to a laughingstock, I’m praying for a lockout just so we don’t have to endure another brutal season.

    Then again, if a lockout or shortened season inspires a remake of “The Replacements”, that may be too much for me as well.

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