Andray Blatche Is Smart and Mature Pt. 86

NBC Washington relaunched today and as part of that I found two things of interest to you, Mr. Irrelevant readers:

1. They’re publishing a daily roundup of links called the DMV Daily. Wonder where they came up with that.

2. They have a new sports blog called Capital Games, which is authored by Sarah Schorno Kogod, who’s a lovely and talented friend of ours.

Anyway, Sarah just wrote about how Andray Blatche challenged a fan to a fight (via Twitter; emphasis added):

ok let’s do this so everyone can see wat u bout let’s meet n dc saturday after my game

@Loc_LessMonsta like I said I’m done with this fake internet thing if u wanna see meet me saturday after game I can throw these things homie

Now, to be fair, it does appear @Loc_LessMonsta was egging Bulletproof on with repeated insults and contributions to the amusing #blatchegottradedfor hashtag (example: “#blatchegottradedfor BKs Double Whooper + a 2019 unprotected 2nd round pick”). Still, you just don’t challenge a fan to a fight, especially on the public record.

Which Dray probably realized, because the tweets have been deleted.

Update: Blatche claims the tweets didn’t come from him, though they did come from his account. I’ll go with Occam’s razor on this one.

9 thoughts on “Andray Blatche Is Smart and Mature Pt. 86”

  1. I’d love to see how Dre throws things, homie. Honestly though, there’s a whole lotta obnoxious shit talking fans out there (myself included probably) who would not think of saying the things they say to the athlete in question’s face. I mean, they are human beings too, and everyone has a limit.

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