The Skins Are Just Fucking With Us Now

This is the body of an actual email I received from our friends at Redskins Team Store, which is the gift that keeps on giving (see below):

Yes, St. Patrick’s Day Redskins gear, good for that one day per year when you absolute must display both your Redskins and Irish spirit, or for those who feel strongly about the franchise quarterback’s surname.

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7 thoughts on “The Skins Are Just Fucking With Us Now”

  1. Cowboys and probably most other teams got this too. I recommend just becoming an Eagles fan because Kelly Green is already our color :-)

  2. @carmendmv It hasn’t been kelly green since the mid-90s, though it should be. The Eagles uniforms are ugly — only team in the division that doesn’t look good.

  3. I thought that was so rediculous that I didn’t open the email. Thinking this had to be spam or a fishing site. Sadly, you showed me I was wrong. I wished you hadn’t.

  4. Why the hell would they sell this. It’s like the Chicago Bulls wearing green on St.Patty’s Day also. Just not the smartest marketing campaign.

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