DMV: Bryce Harper ‘Is Baseball Bieber’

Bryce Harper is actually trying to break camp with the Nats. [Nats Journal]

The Nats are crazy if they call him up before well into ’12. [Thomas Boswell]

That said, these are the top 10 MLB seasons for teenagers. [Nats Blog]

I love this line and am going to use it: “He is Baseball Bieber.” [Jeff Passan]

Charlie Sheen had Eddie Murray, others over to watch Major League. [TMZ]

Report: Nick Backstrom has a slightly fractured left thumb. [Japers’ Rink]

The case for dealing Alex Semin at the trade deadline. [On Frozen Blog]

If the Caps shot just league-average they’d be in 1st place. [Japers’]

Hey now, Ovechkin has three goals in the past four games. [Caps Insider]

Reports on top QB prospects Gabbert and Newton. [Shutdown Corner, SC]

Doug Williams criticizes the NFL’s front office “fraternity.” [The Early Lead]

Meet infamous City Paper reporter/Snyder sniper Dave McKenna. [TBD]

Wiz get blown out by Indiana in first game after the break. [Wiz Insider]

Flip Saunders: “I thought JaVale won the dunk contest.” [Wiz Insider]

George Mason still isn’t getting national respect in the AP Top 25. [Bog]

Charlie Davies’ ear-to-ear skull scar is BADASS. [Bog]

3 thoughts on “DMV: Bryce Harper ‘Is Baseball Bieber’”

  1. wow… Baseball Bieber is taking the opposite route of “they have a plan, i’m going to take my time” Strasburg. he’d get smoked if he somehow broke camp with the Nats but it’d be hella fun to watch for awhile

  2. From where I’m sitting, B. Harp looks a little like Toby N Tucker. “People round here call me TNT.”

    And considering the fact that no one but Ellen DeGeneres knew who Bieber was until 12 minutes ago (and we all will have forgotten about him in 3..2..), and Harper was on the cover of SI at 15, I think we can all agree that Harper was known first– at least to people who give a fuck about things like sports… not rape-bait. So right, what Walter Johnson said.

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