DMV: Matt Bradley ‘Punished Matt Cooke’

The Caps beat Pittsburgh 1-0 on a blistering slapshot from Alex Ovechkin and a sterling performance from Michael Neuvirth. [Japers’ Rink]

Matt Bradley leveled the coward Matt Cooke, who kneecapped Ovechkin two weeks ago, and then won a fight with Ryan Craig to boot. [OFB]

The sequence was so popular Bradley trended online. [@MrIrrelevantDC]

Bryce Harper arrives at spring training, does baseball things. [Nats Journal]

No one knows what to expect from Danny Espinosa. [Nats Baseball]

The list of 12 NBA players worth trading John Wall for. [Bullets Forever]

Terrell Stoglin wins ACC Player of the Week, has arrived. [Testudo Times]

Words and pics from the Avett Brothers at Constitution Hall. [We Love DC]

7 thoughts on “DMV: Matt Bradley ‘Punished Matt Cooke’”

  1. We need to build around Wall and fill this team with young talent. I’m sure Ted will bring his experience with the Capitals to put a winner on the court within a few years, also great Avett Brothers link.

  2. “Fuck you Cookey you motherfucker.” Erskine – 1/1/11.. or maybe it was the game before that one. Anyways, that hit last night made me happy.

  3. Jordan Staal must have bitchtits. His from-behind gentle tackle of Bradley after the hit was a joke. Pretty boy goldilocks move; the refs gave him 2 minutes for Pussyfooting. The whole sequence was enjoyable.

  4. Or maybe Staal was acknowledging that Cooke needed to pay for his hit on Ovie and his reaction was measured because even his teammates recognize Cooke is a cheap shot artist.

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