DMV: What’s Up With Brandon Banks?

Despite early reports to the contrary, Brandon Banks seems to have been seriously injured in Friday night’s knife fight. According to his agent, Banks “was knifed in the chest” and is still in the hospital with a chest tube to prevent his lung from collapsing. This from the same agent who had described Banks’ wound as “superficial,” whatever that means. Anyway, scary stuff. Get well, wee man. [Redskins Insider]

Oh, look: Men wearing headdresses at 1938 Redskins training camp. [Bog]

Hey, the Redskins actually did something nice for their fans here. [Bog]

Prepare yourself for ugliness at QB for the Skins in ’11. [DC Landing Strip]

Jim Zorn is the new QB coach for the Chiefs. [Kansas City Star]

A former player says Ovechkin needs to work on his cardio. [Puck Daddy]

Randy Shannon won’t be Maryland’s DC due to a buyout. [Tracking Terps]

Losing Shannon really sucks for Terps football. [Testudo Times]

Maryland loses at Va. Tech, is probably NIT-bound. [Testudo Times]

George Mason routs VCU, wins its 12th-straight game. [WaPo]

Denzel Bowles drops 40 as JMU wins at Towson. [JMU Sports Blog]

Livan Hernandez is the Nats Opening Day starter, probably. [Nats Journal]

Drew Storen is 58 no longer; he’ll wear 22 this year. [Nats Journal]

Awesome JaVale McGee offensive flow chart. [NBA Screenshots and More]

Nick Young is the biggest black hole in the NBA. [Basketball Reference]

(Brandon Banks wallpaper taken with love from Extreme Redskins.)

3 thoughts on “DMV: What’s Up With Brandon Banks?”

  1. A collapsed lung is not fun, but not really serious. It happened to me several times, though not through stabbing. I walked around with a partially collapsed lung for 10 days and even went skiing.

    The stab wound(s) are much more serious than having a chest tube.

  2. Hi, everybody! Lets put my failure to pass any medical boards and WFY’s manliness aside, Im going to conjecture to say its not inaccurate to call a collapsed lung from stabbing a serious injury.

    Dr. Nick

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