Meet Our New Redskins Insider Overlord

The Washington Post is tapping ex-Washington Times Wizards reporter Mike Jones, who currently covers the Redskins for TBD, to be the lead man on their popular Redskins Insider blog.

As you’ll recall, ex-Redskins Insider lead Jason Reid was just bumped up to sports columnist, and the lead before him, Jason La Canfora became a hot-shit TV guy for NFL Network. So it seems this is one of those jobs that’s good for the ol’ resume’.

And I think Jones (bio) is a good man for it. His work for the Times was solid, and I liked how, when the Times folded their sports section, he picked himself up and launched his own blog, Mike Jones Sports. It too was solid. I suppose TBD noticed and scooped him not long thereafter.

Plus, he’s a local guy (grew up in Warrenton), and he was nice enough the one time we got to talking.

Anyway, just a little industry news for you. We’re pulling for the guy.

5 thoughts on “Meet Our New Redskins Insider Overlord”

  1. I like Mike’s reporting but when wrote this my inner Grammar Nazi had a shit fit:

    “The Washington Redskins kick off a crucial six-game homestretch with a game against a Minnesota Vikings team that is in disarray having entered the season with Super Bowl expectations, but instead own a 3-7 record and just got their coach Brad Childress fired.”

    Let’s hope WaPo’s copy editors kick him into gear.

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