The Skins Are Regular-Season Champs!

Over the past three seasons, since Joe Gibbs left us again, the Redskins have gone 18-30. It hurts. The Redskins have also, somehow, gone 5-1 against teams that ended up in the NFC Championship. Read it and wonder:

2008 — The Redskins went 3-0 against the Cardinals and Eagles.
2009 — The Redskins lost to the Saints in OT. (They didn’t play Minnesota.)
2010 — The Redskins went 2-0 against the Bears and Packers.

Of course, Washington also lost to two-win Lions and Rams teams and four-win Bengals and Chiefs teams. And all sorts of other teams too.

So, yeah, the Redskins can play up — or down — to anybody, including this year’s NFC champ, which is a bad sign for this year’s NFC champ.

2 thoughts on “The Skins Are Regular-Season Champs!”

  1. Yeah, but whenever the Skins lose, the players are quick to point out that they’re really better than the team that just beat them.

    So that makes the Skins, like, the best team in the NFL.

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