Maryland Almost Gets One for the General

Notes from Maryland’s 71-64 loss at Duke, with Greivis in attendance

— Maryland has to feel good about hanging with Duke, at Duke, but Maryland Sports Correspondent Andy Peden says, “If they don’t start winning, they’ll miss the Tournament. They have to beat Villanova and go 10-6 in ACC.”
— Jordan Williams is a beast (23 and 12). The rest of the team not so much.
— Terrell Stoglin and Pe’Shon Howard need to get old young.
— The free throws (9-17) continue to kill Maryland.
— Not a big fan of the all-black unis.
— I’m ready for Kyle Singler to graduate.
— The Plumlees, who are supposed to be good, are not good.
— It was so nice spending a cold winter evening with The G-Man.
— Great quote from Gary in the postgame: “We didn’t have to sub with their small. We were just small.”
— Ron Thompson’s “Instance Reactions” (see the scroll above) are funny. They’re not supposed to be funny.
— Head over to our friends at Testudo Times for actual analysis.

4 thoughts on “Maryland Almost Gets One for the General”

  1. Dear Jordan Williams,
    Please stay at Maryland for four years. Youre studly.

    PS The Brothers Plumlee are as dangerous as they are untalented. The sole reason for them to play at Duke is to fill the Zubec/Sheldon Williams goon squad role. They are Coach K’s leg breakers.

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