Ten Things from ’24/7 Pens/Caps’ Ep. 1

Here to recap Episode 1 of HBO’s “24/7 Penguins/Capitals” is Mr. Irrelevant Pittsburgh Sports Correspondent Jason Dailey (aka Mr. Yinzer). Be nice. Also, check out Greg Wyshynski’s stellar recap over at Puck Daddy.

1. Bruce Boudreau will be all right. The Caps are mired in the slump of slumps. If they don’t turn it around soon, there may be a change behind the bench. But not to worry, if Boudreau gets sacked, he could have a role in “Casino 2”. He dropped enough F-bombs in two minutes to make Rex Ryan blush. Very entertaining.

2. I’m glad it wasn’t the Crosby-Ovechkin hour. The first episode was a great look into the sport of hockey and the players and their personalities. The banter with the refs, in the locker room, and on the road is what makes 24/7 a great show.

3. “Mustache Boy” is a great tradition. Every month, the Pens have a shootout to see which player will wear a mustache for the month. Then they call him Mustache Boy. (Ed. note: I wish the Caps did this.)

4. Crosby dons a ‘stache for the heck of it. Sure he may look like a ’70s porn star. He’s earned the right. Currently, Sid is leading the NHL in points (54) and goals (26). I’m pretty sure he could grow a unicorn horn and I’d still find a way to support him.

5. Bylsma > Boudreau. I know that obesity is a huge problem in America, but man is Boudreau a slob. Couldn’t he have wiped the ketchup from his face before going on camera? Doesn’t he have people for this? Hey Bruce, you still have a Quarter Pounder on your lip. Dan Bylsma looked 100 times sharper than Boudreau in all aspects of coaching. The Caps looked as if they gave up on him.

6. Hockey players + HD = disaster. There may need to be some different camera angles next episode. Maybe how they shot Marla Hooch in “A League Of Their Own”? At one point, my dog Lucy ran out of the room. It literally looked like a scene from “The Walking Dead”.

7. Ovechkin in briefs. Can’t say I’m surprised he is a briefs guy. Thought they’d have actually been silk. I guess it goes with his prison tats and neck bling.

8. The Consol Energy Center is so boss. Doesn’t get nicer than that arena. Mario made sure the team had some nice space to change and play, uh, wiffleball?

9. Ted “Jelly” Leonsis looks like a different type of boss. The cast of characters in the Caps front office is great. What’s the percent chance Leonsis drives a Cadi and wears leisure suits when he isn’t in the office?

10. The fighting is great. Hockey is the only sport where fighting isn’t only allowed, but encouraged. Bylsma praised his guy for dropping the gloves. Ovechkin used it as a way to pump his team up for acting defeated during a game. It’s part of the game, and it’s part of “24/7” too, all mic’d up.

(Misc. ed. notes: Max Talbot seems like a chill bro … Leonsis reads his own blog … Mike Green has some pretty awful ink … Ovi’s banter with refs after Semin’s cross-checking penalty was awesome … Love that the only Pens player who actually reads went to Harvard … Band of Horses’ “Funeral” at the end was brilliant soundtracking.)

4 thoughts on “Ten Things from ’24/7 Pens/Caps’ Ep. 1”

  1. Yeah the xx “Intro” was just as a good beginning as the funeral was ending.

    Also loved Ovechkin and the guy he fought exchanging “good job buddy” after it was over.

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