Three DMV Connections to Favre’s Streak

You may have heard that Brett Favre’s consectuve games streak snapped last night. You also probably don’t care. But I’m about to bring it back home for you, District-Maryland-Virginia sports fans:

1. Favre’s 297 is football’s answer to Cal Ripken’s 2,632. Is it more impressive? Sure. Is it more legendary, whatever that means? I don’t think so. Ripken’s streak captivated the nation, saved baseball, etc. Favre’s just kind of happened.

2. London Fletcher is one of the NFL’s new Iron Men. His streak is at 205 games and counting, tied with Peyton Manning and Ronde Barber. This is Manning’s record to break, so we have that to look forward to.

3. JMU’s Arthur Moats is the one who ended it. His crushing blow will be replayed from here to eternity. (Update: It may have been the Redskins that ended it, actually.)

(Photo of Favre’s disgusting purple hand taken with love from SB Nation.)

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