Skins QB John Beck Is No. 3 With a Mullet

This is what journeyman NFL quarterback John Beck looks like these days (via 106.7 the Fan’s @granthpaulsen):

And these are the alternate headlines we considered using for this post:

John Beck Does His Best Redskins Logo Impersonation

Despite Struggles, Redskins Still Partying in the Back

It Appears Jeff George Has Rejoined the Redskins

Would It Really Be a Mullet If He Wasn’t Balding?

Wow, That Looks a Lot Like Brad Johnson

Redskins? More Like Rednecks, AMIRITE?

Please do your worst in the comments.

8 thoughts on “Skins QB John Beck Is No. 3 With a Mullet”

  1. Wow, Andrew Huling. He was the lefty stud for the Braves and had some power. You put Huling and Michaels on the bump for the town tournament and it’s all over. I got drafted by the Braves when I was 9, but my dad didn’t want me playing majors that young cause I’d ride the bench. He didn’t tell me until weeks later and I was furious. The Braves won every year and I got stuck on the Tigers the following season. Those Tigers years were the only ones where I didn’t win the town tournament from tball on.

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