DMV: Epic Vale’s Hilarious Missed Dunk

Wall and Blatche sit out as Wiz lose 12th straight road game. [Wiz Insider]

Down 25 in the final minute, McGee tried a free-throw line dunk. [SBN D.C.]

A pretty amazing photo of JaVale getting dunked on by Pau Gasol. [TBJ]

Great pic: John Wall gets waaaaay up on a block. [Bullets Forever]

Gilbert Arenas wore Dolce & Gabbana shoes against the Lakers. [Nice Kicks]

Steinz catches Leonsis and the Wiz in a little marketing snafu. [Bog]

Tracee Hamilton’s John Wall column gets all torn up. [SBN D.C.]

Carl Crawford gets Jayson Werth’s deal plus $16 million. [Big League Stew]

O’s re-sign RP Koji Uehara, who had a pretty great season. [O’s Insider]

Sounds like the O’s have also swung a deal for SS J.J. Hardy. [O’s Insider]

Terps HC in waiting James Franklin is up for the Vandy job. [Terps Insider]

Brian Mitchell and Phillip Daniels keep bitching at one another. [Bog]

Wilbon is writing for and [Press Coverage]

2 thoughts on “DMV: Epic Vale’s Hilarious Missed Dunk”

  1. Speaking of Wilbon, this chain of events struck me as kind of interesting yesterday.

    – Wilbon debuts as writer
    – Pens first column, does a chat and calls DC sports fans “soft core”
    – That evening, DC sports fans line up around the block in Arctic cold to get book signed by writer Bill Simmons.

    Hmmmmm…. Have fun being 9th banana, Wilbon!

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