Redskins-Titans Winners & Losers

Handing out labels following Skins games. Today, a 19-16 win at Tennessee.


Redskins fans — Three straight losses to fall to 4-6, three back in the Wild Card, would’ve been game over. Now, though, our team is still in it with Minnesota coming to town, and we should have playoff hope into December. Having that hope crushed then vs. now seems a lot better. We needed a win, even an excruciating, injury-filled one, and we got it.

The makeshift offensive line — That may have been the best offensive line play the Skins have had all season, and it came with backups filling in at left guard, center and right guard.

Santana Moss — Dominated the first half (six catches, 106 yards, one TD).

Chris Cooley — Dominated the second half (seven catches, 91 yards).

Fred Davis — The forgotten man broke at least four tackles on his two catches for 44 yards.

Brandon Banks — If he starts making plays on offense too, like today’s late-game over-the-middle catch, the lovefest may get sickening.

Phillip Buchanon — Picked one off and returned it 43 yards.

Lorenzo Alexander — Stripped Vince Young in the red zone before pulling a hammy on special teams.

Maake Kemoeatu — Took Young out, and that made the difference.

DeAngelo Hall Pitched a shutout on Randy Moss.

London Fletcher — Seemed to be all over the place even more than usual.

Jim Haslett — On a day when the offense scored one TD and special teams gave up another, his unit excelled.

Sgt. Mark Foster This was a pretty awesome moment.


Graham Gano — The game-winner bumped him up from “pack shit, get out” to “loser,” but that’s as far as I’m willing to go right now.

Kareem Moore — His missed tackle on Nate Washington’s catch-and-run gave Tennessee three.

Anthony Armstrong — I love me some Anthony Armstrong, but his drop on that third-and-long was a killer.

Danny Smith — Tennessee’s only TD came on a long punt return that injured two Redskins and featured a missed block in the back. Somehow, this is Danny Smith’s fault.

The white-on-gold unis — I’m not a fan.


Donovan McNabb — Threw an awful interception before the half, led two effective two-minute drives. Missed Moss deep, hit Moss deep. Kept falling short of the end zone, threw for 376 yards. Not really a good game, not really a bad game.

Clinton Portis — Looked good early, getting 32 yards on five carries before pulling out with a groin.

Keiland Williams — Having 95 total yards is great, needing 30 touches to get them is not.


Coming into the game, the Redskins had the worst third-down conversion rate since the NFL began keeping that stat in 1991 … the turf was awful; lots of WRs and DBs slipped out there … tons of injuries for Washington (see above) … Tennessee fans sure are eager to boo … the Fox booth of Jim Mora, Charles Davis and Dick Stockton is not a good booth … I just love Jeff Fisher’s mullet, mustache, chest hair and sunglasses combo.

18 thoughts on “Redskins-Titans Winners & Losers”

  1. disagree on the renunciation of “pack shit, get out.” I think the game-winner moved him up from “pack shit, die a slow death”

  2. Can the field be added to the losers column, there’s a reason so many skins went down with leg injuries its cause that field was so god awful

  3. Gold Lombardi helmets: a must. I don’t care what other silly, stupid, fruity combinations people care to waste their time dreaming about. That helmet is the tits.

    Jeff Fisher=Tom Selleck+Burt Reynolds+Borat

  4. illformula Says:
    November 21st, 2010 at 10:15 PM
    “… Typical old white guys.”

    Oh yeah? You sound like a “typical _ _ _ _ _ _ !” Keep trying, boy, you’ll figger it out! :)

  5. I agree with Tim that the field should be a definite loser. I don’t remember last time I saw a field that shitty.

    Also I’d put Buchanon as medium at best. Yeah he made an interception (that anyone other than Rogers would also probably make) but he completely blew the rest of the game.

  6. McNabb definitely deserves to be placed in the medium column. Good job. He had a lot of yards, and he threw a bunch of accurate passes. But he missed Santana Moss deep early in the game (not surprising), and he also had at least two potential interceptions dropped. I think he could have played a little bit better, but that may have been his best game other than the Houston game.

    Oh, and the offensive line, considering the injuries, was superb.

  7. I was at the game in the upper deck so my vantage point wasn’t the best, but it sure looked like the snap on the missed FG at the end of regulation was horrible. Add in the fact that Gano was kicking into the wind and he really had no chance on that one.

  8. Krem, it’s sad that McNabb’s 2nd-best game of the year is only medium.

    WFY, you’ve got the uniform rankings right, there.

    Crimson, the snap looked fine on TV, but the announcers kept saying Gano “chunked it.” Either way, something obviously went awry, b/c coming up short on a 47-yarder is some high school shit.

  9. I’m going to cut Gano some slack here. Sure, he’s missed 7 FG’s so far (19-for-26), but 3 of them have been from over 50. I’m not going to run someone out of town for missing 50+ yard FG’s, even if some have had bad snaps (like the 51 yarder yesterday). Take those three misses out and he’s now 19-for-23.

    One other miss this season was in the HOU game, which was blocked. If Danny Smith’s line could block, Gano would then be 20-for-23.

    He HAS made FG’s from 49,41,45,46,46 and 48. Plus, his kickoffs have been phenomenal! It’s his first full season in the NFL and I think he’ll only get better. And the only way to do that is to let him keep on kicking (heck, it ain’t like the Skins are going anywhere this year). Every team wants a veteran kicker, but you can’t be a veteran kicker unless you get a chance to kick week in and week out.

    Or do you want Suisham or Ola Kimrin or John Hall or Brett Conway back?

  10. true, he made the game winner and needs to kick week in and week out to get the expierence. But with this team, all points and wins are extremely hard to come by and if he cant be trotted out there with the expectation that he will make all kicks under 50, then he needs to go.

  11. Dick Stockton is fully senile. His eyesight is deteriorating and the connection between brain and mouth is almost gone. Painful. When the Skins get better, they will not keep drawing the number 8-level announcing teams.

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