Maryland Fans Still Heckle Jason Williams

The baller-turned-broadcaster formerly known as Jason Williams called Maryland-Charleston for ESPNU and had this to tweet (via Testudo Times):

In case you don’t get the joke, here’s the backstory: Williams, who was the national player of the year at Duke, was drafted No. 2 overall by the Bulls in 2002. One year later he got into a motorcycle accident, severing a main nerve in his leg, fracturing his pelvis and tearing three ligaments in his left knee, including the ACL. The accident effectively ended his playing career.

So it’s funny, you see.

8 thoughts on “Maryland Fans Still Heckle Jason Williams”

  1. HAHA Terps fans. Can someone please dig up the ESPN special on JJ Redick when he got all choked up talking about Terps fans?? Please?

  2. You seem to forget that at the time of the accident, Jay was not wearing a helmet, did not have a license to drive his motorcycle, and was violating the terms of his contract. Not so bright. He was very good natured with the fans last night and seemed to enjoy that Terps remember him enough to heckle him.

  3. MD fans have no class. At Duke we are all class. White supremacy is celebrated on our campus which makes us better than you.

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