An Oil Painting of the Redskins’ Infamous ‘Swinging Gate’ Play (No, Seriously)

Sometimes I love having a blog. Getting this email from Pete Cullen is one of those times:

I thought that you might get a kick out of this oil painting I did of the Swinging Gate play (or maybe you think it’s insane). Anyway, I hope it brings you a chuckle or at least distracts you from something else for a minute.

The aforementioned oil painting was attached (click to enlarge):

Obviously, that’s both brilliant and insane, and we’re proud to report that our TV photography was Cullen’s muse. I had to learn more about the artist, and he replied in kind:

I’ve done some football-related things, but not any other Skins stuff. I’ve thought about doing a Fun Bunch painting. It’s kind of a razor thin irony/kitsch line to walk. Can’t let my fellow hipsters on to the fact that I actually care about this stuff.

Editor’s note: Yes, a Fun Bunch painting is a must. More from Cullen:

I cut [the Swinging Gate painting] out of a 4’x2′ piece of MDF so it’s smaller than that. If anyone wants to buy it, let me know. Also, it’s supposed to be in a show in Baltimore in February (fingers crossed) so I might need to borrow it back or delay delivery until then.

Someone please buy this and hang it on Danny Smith’s front door. Also, let us know what else we should try to commission from Cullen. Frerotte’s head butt? Cerrato’s crazy eyes? Westbrook vs. Davis? Deion’s introductory press conference? Theismann’s broken leg? Inspiration abounds.

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