10 Observations From John Wall’s Debut

We did this for Strasburg’s dazzling debut so we might as well do it for John Wall’s dismal debut too …

1. Wall keeps it real. In a taped interview during the pregame show he said, “I think we could have a chance to be an eight seed.” The TNT crew had some fun with that, but that’s a pretty realistic ceiling for these Wizards.

2. Wall needs to work on his jumper. Jameer Nelson and Co. played off of him a good five feet, daring him to shoot. And shoot he did, but not well. Tough to watch.

3. Wall’s speed is negated by his jumper, as well as the team’s defense and rebounding. If his man’s not playing up on him, and if his team is taking the ball out of the bottom of the basket at the other end, there just aren’t many opportunities for him to use his greatest asset.

4. Andray Blatche looked awful. Hopefully Dwight Howard is why Dray was sticking to the perimeter, taking bad shots, because he needs to be a presence in the post. Otherwise, the Wiz are in a world of hurt. Which is to say: I think the Wiz are in a world of hurt.

5. They need Gilbert Arenas. No one could score. Gil can help with that. Of course, no one could stop Orlando from scoring. Gil can’t help with that.

6. JaVale McGee looked lost out there. On defense, he’s a foul and/or goaltend waiting to happen. On offense, he’s clueless. But we knew that.

7. Kirk Hinrich looked like a stiff. But we kind of knew that.

8. Cartier Martin was the high-scorer. He barely made the roster but played well enough to steal Nick Young’s minutes and maybe Al Thornton’s starting spot too. Plus, he rejected D12!

9. Charles Barkley cracks me up. At the half he compared Wall and the Wiz to Dwayne Wade and the 15-67 Heat of 2007-08, I think, calling Wade’s supporting cast a bunch of Tito Jacksons. Then he said, “These guys in Washington aren’t even Tito Jackson. They’re Randy Jackson.”

10. I tuned out in the third quarter. It really was that bad. Onward and upward from here, we hope.

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