DMV: D. Hall Debases Aikman and Cutler

DeAngelo responds to Troy Aikman’s “excessive celebration” remark. [Bog]

Hall also responds to Jay Cutler’s “I’d go at him” commentary. [Bog]

McNabb and the Redskins aren’t close to a new deal. [Adam Schefter]

The D already has as many turnovers as they did in ’09. [Redskins Insider]

Clinton Portis may return after the bye week for the Philly game. [TBD]

Redskins Pro Bowl promo videos. (Where’s McNabb?) [Redskins Blog]

When do we stop counting Orakpo’s uncalled holds? N’yet. [Real Redskins]

Tony Romo breaks his collarbone as the Cowboys fall to 1-5. [WaPo]

Fun tales from GQ’s long Ovechkin profile. “Boom!” [Bog, Puck Daddy]

A rundown of all the injuries plaguing the Caps. [CSN Washington]

Gilbert Arenas may miss the season opener with an ankle. [Wiz Insider]

Video: Nick Young wins an impromptu dunk contest. [Wiz Insider]

A cringe-worthy report from the 2010 sports media karaoke night. [Bog]

The Daily Show is taping in D.C. all week long. I want to go. [DCist]

3 thoughts on “DMV: D. Hall Debases Aikman and Cutler”

  1. What’s comical is that D. Hall said on NFL Network yesterday afternoon that if he played against Jay Cutler every week he’d be in the Hall of Fame and now his jersey from last week is headed there.

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