Redskins-Bears Winners & Losers

Handing out labels following Skins games. Today, a 17-14 win at Chicago.


DeAngelo Hall — This will be remembered as a bizarre, turnover-rific game, and D-Hall put his stamp on it with a record four interceptions, the second of which he took 92 yards after making a leaping one-handed grab.

Albert Haynesworth — Three big plays really standout: 1. The early sack where he drove his blocker into Jay Cutler. 2. The run he blew up on a 3rd-and-1. 3. The leaping goal-line stop that resulted in Cutler fumbling on the 1. That’s approx. three more big plays than he had made previously.

London Fletcher — Forced and recovered Cutler’s goal-line fumble.

Rocky McIntosh — Had a couple of big sticks and forced Matt Forte to fumble in the fourth.

Mike Shanahan — This was an ugly win, but it was a road win over a 4-2 conference opponent nonetheless. Just one season after finishing 4-12, the Skins are heading into Detroit and the bye at 4-3.


Donovan McNabb — He didn’t see the blitz coming and gave the other team six. He fumbled inside his own 5. He gave Chicago another pick-six, but it came off the scoreboard due to his own delay of game. He overthrew Joey Galloway for an INT. He fumbled in the red zone. And so on.

Hunter and Danny Smith — Punted waaay out of bounds countless times to avoid Devin Hester. Decent strategy, I guess, but not when it results in 29 yards/punt. Bonus: It kept Hester from breaking Brian Mitchell’s all-time return touchdowns record, at least for another week.

Brandon Banks — Thom Brennaman said he and Devin Hester were “two of the most dangerous punt return men in the NFL.” Unfortunately, he responded by averaging 5.3 yards/return. Also fumbled the opening kickoff.

Phillip Buchanon — Looked bad in coverage, especially on Johnny Knox’ go-ahead TD at the half.

Anthony Armstrong — Flat-out dropped a big gainer early on.

Chris Cooley — Had a bad drop early and a bad fumble late.

Graham Gano — Missed a 37-yarder.

Kyle Shanahan — The offense abandoned the run for much of the game and failed to capitalize on the many opportunities the defense gave them.

Troy Aikman — Actually said Hall’s end-zone kneeldown (see above) “should be a penalty for excessive celebration.” Later said Hall should be tested deep. Hall immediately picked off a deep pass.


Ryan Torain — Twenty-one carries for 125 yards is fantastic. Fumbling twice, including once in the red zone, is not.

Brian Orakpo — Had two sacks. Also caught offsides twice.


Ex-Terp/Redskin Edwin Williams started at RG for Chicago … Cutler had an amazing 0-20something third-down streak going … Chicago ran just 16 plays on their first five drives (no turnovers) … Thank goodness Washington didn’t sell the farm for Cutler in 2009.

28 thoughts on “Redskins-Bears Winners & Losers”

  1. I know you like to hate on Danny Smith but it was a strategy and worked well. What if Smith had punted to Hester? We probably would have lost the game. Also, while Gano missed the 37 yarder he almost made a 46 yard FG. Lastly, at least Brandon Banks is running the damn ball and has been effective at it. He’s also taken some pretty nasty hits for a little guy and sprung right back up. Special teams should at least be medium.

  2. Hall seems like a decent candidate for most improved ‘skin over last year.

    BTW, my cardiologist thanks the ‘skins yet again

  3. Look forward to the Winners and Losers every week.

    Nice to also see a week where we didn’t hear Stephon Heyer’s name once. Awesome.

  4. Punting away from Hester was obviously a strategy, but I contest that “it worked well.” Most of those punts only went ~25 yards. That hurts more than it helps, even with a dangerous return man like Hester.

    Also, most NFL kickers make both 37-yarders and 46-yarders.

    Oh, and I love Banks, but he didn’t have a good day.

  5. I used to actually enjoy Aikman’s broadcasts but this year he seems to have lost his mind. Perhaps he is upset about the way Dallas has played.

  6. I agree that he should have made the 37 yarder but just because he didn’t doesn’t make him a loser. At least not in my mind. Same with Banks. He wasn’t excellent but he definitely wasn’t horrible.

  7. When a kicker misses from inside 40, he’s a loser. Need to set a higher standard if the team is going to be any good.

    I think it was appropriate to kick away from Hester, but I think Danny took it to the extreme. Anything outside the numbers is fine. Every kick doesn’t have to land out of bounds.

    BTW, the current Bears OL might be worse than the Skins 09 line. If that’s possible.

  8. I’d argue Cooley was Medium at best. He dropped a gimmee and had that fumble, sure, but he also caught 7 balls on a day when Chunky Soup couldn’t throw the ball over a d-lineman, had the presence of mind to knock that fumble out of bounds, and made that huge 1st down inside their own territory on 3rd down. All coming a week after suffering a concussion.

    You need a Konami Code category for the kind of day DHall had.

  9. I’m a Bears fan, but I just laughed at Aikman when he was whining about how Hall should have gotten a penalty. The guy just hauled in an awesome pick six, and the total sum of his celebration was “drop to both knees, raise arms in air.” Aikman can go screw himself.

  10. I hate Troy Aikman. His worth on this planet is equal to that of an empty bottle of douche used by Star Jones. I wish somebody would cut his tongue out. How dare D Hall Praise God (appeared to be?). “Throw it deep on hall!!!” See where that gets you? You overrated waste of a carbon footprint. Shut the f### up and go blow jerry jones you ignorant piece of Shit.

    I swear he blows Joe Buck during the commercials, and I’d bet Emmitt gave it to him in the turdcutter a few times. Not that I’m homophobic, if that’s his thing that’s his thing. I just wish he’d get lock-jaw the next time he’s blowing Joe, thus preventing me from having to hear his biased @$$ every week. Fuck off Troy, I wish Lavar had left you speachless and dumb, not just dumb.

  11. Poll Question… Rob Dibble, or Troy Aikwoman?

    Introducing the Winter MI drinking game… When Troy makes a stupid comment. When Troy shows his Cowboys Bias… And so on… So so so on.

    I loathe Dibble, but I’d rather hear him. At least he’s not anti-washington. And I’d guess u know what I think of Troy.

  12. “They should stop letting him call Redskins games, because he makes some of the dumbest comments in the history of dumb,” Brian Mitchell said on Comcast SportsNet’s post-game show regarding Troy Aikman.

  13. Cooley made up for his drop. Getting penalized for knocking the ball out of bounds is a stupid rule, since the intent was not for more yardage.

    1 knee is fine, but 2 knees = 15 yards?

    WINNER: FOX for getting the thud on the missed field goal. A previous broadcast didn’t get it.

  14. It is nice not to see Kareem Moore on this list. Even better, to never see him on the football field again.

    Once again I’m wrong about a Redskin quarterback. McNabb is not inconsistent, he flat-out sucks.

  15. Here’s a contest for everyone, let’s see who can win/lose: Research and list the last 10 – 15 Redskins’ place kickers without experiencing nosebleeds, vomiting, killing your family or grinding every one of your teeth to powder.

    I was a victim of the last one.

  16. RE: Kicking away from Hester.

    I think the orders for that came from Shanahan the elder as you may remember the last time Shanahan’s Broncos played the Bears Hester returned a punt and kickoff for a touchdown after Todd Sauerbaum made a big deal about how he would punt to Hester.

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