D.C. Is Where Wide Receivers Go to Die

The first thing that came to mind upon hearing that the Redskins had waived Devin Thomas was that Vinny Cerrato’s 2008 draft really, really sucked. The second was that it seems like the Redskins should’ve stuck with Thomas, at least for kick returns. And the third was that the Redskins might as well never draft a wide receiver ever again.

Since 1992, Washington has drafted 17 wide receivers, and none have panned out. There were stray 1,000-yard years by Michael Westbrook, Albert Connell and Rod Gardner, and Desmond Howard eventually became a Pro Bowl return man, sure, but that’s not going to cut it. Not when you’ve spent three first-rounders (two of them top-five picks), three second-rounders, two third-rounders and nine mid-to-late-rounders on the position.

It’s a pretty shocking list of disappointment. Read it and weep, Skins fans:

2010 — 7th round — Terrence Austin
2009 — 7th — Marko Mitchell
2008 — 2nd — Devin Thomas
2008 — 2nd — Malcolm Kelly
2003 — 2nd — Taylor Jacobs
2002 — 3rd — Cliff Russell
2001 — 1st — Rod Gardner
2001 — 5th — Darnerian McCants
2000 — 7th — Ethan Howell
1999 — 7th — Tim Alexander
1998 — 6th — Pat Palmer
1997 — 4th — Albert Connell
1996 — 7th — DeAndre Maxwell
1995 — 1st — Michael Westbrook
1994 — 3rd — Tydus Winans
1992 — 1st — Desmond Howard
1992 — 11th — Terry Smith

The reason this cuts off there is that Washington selected Keenan McCardell in the 12th round in 1991. He would go on to catch 883 passes, only 22 of which came as a Redskin.

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