Redskins-Eagles Winners & Losers

Handing out labels following Skins games. Tonight, a 17-12 win at Philly.


Ryan TorainHis TD run, in which he knocked Quintin Mikell right off of his feet, was fantastic. Finished with 70 yards, many coming late.

Clinton Portis — He got banged up but played his ass off out there. In the box score it shows up as five yards/carry and 28 yards receiving.

Lorenzo Alexander — His hit on the kick return following Torain’s TD was unbelievable. Also started at OLB and had a key pass defensed on Philly’s failed two-point conversion.

Brandon Banks — His first NFL punt return went for 53 yards, the Redskins’ longest in two years.

LaRon LandryIt seemed like Eagles receivers were hearing footsteps.

Jim Haslett — The D was equally effective against both Michael Vick and Kevin Kolb, which is no small trick, even if Kolb totally looks like Jim Breuer.

Anthony Armstrong — Had 57 yards receiving on a day when Redskins WRs only had 57 yards receiving.

Brian OrakpoDrew at least two holding calls.

Chris Wilson — That was a huge forced fumble.

Andre Carter — The blind side hit he had on Kolb was ridiculous. Also drew a hold later on.

O-line — Down two starters, that was an outstanding effort.

DeAngelo Hall — Picked one off, and took Vick out (shoutout to Kareem Moore).


Stephon Heyer — Committed, by my count, three penalties.

Phillip Buchanon — Committed, by my count, two penalties.

Santana Moss — Where the hell was Santana Moss?

Mike Sellers — Really needs to stop jumping.

Josh Bidwell — That 15-yard punt at the end was just brutal.

Carlos Rogers — Dropped what would’ve been the game-clinching INT.

Eagles fansScroll down to “Best Fans.”

The NFL on Fox — Joe Buck is the worst, and those odd little pop-ins from Terry Bradshaw weren’t helping. I do, however, enjoy the new thing where they throw it to “Rules Analyst” Mike Pereira while plays are under review. Seriously, I do, even if it’s the NFL on Fox.


Mike Shanahan — Took all three timeouts into the half and then burnt two in the first minute-and-a-half of the second. Still, he won at Philly, and Andy Reid made him look good by comparison.

Kyle Shanahan — The offense didn’t turn it over or punt in the first half, but the second half was a complete gong show.

Donovan McNabb — Played like a loser today, missing open receivers, throwing an awful INT, running out of bounds instead of killing clock and posting a 60.2 rating, but he got the win and gave this postgame speech. His Redskins are staying medium.

(Photo taken with love from WaPo’s stellar game gallery.)

21 thoughts on “Redskins-Eagles Winners & Losers”

  1. Why the hell didn’t they take the delay of game call instead of keeping a time out before the punt. Bidwell’s punt sucked and he could have used the extra five yards. You never know when you might need a time out.

  2. At one point the ball blew off of the tee and Buck said, “Boy, it’s windy on that grass.” I really thought for a second it might have been a faulty tee. Idiot. Later on when both teams were dragging Aikman said, “You know who feels good about this game? The Dallas Cowboys.” Fucking homer. At one point I said to my friend (who was wearing a kelly green DeSean jersey) that I fucking hate Troy Buck. I stand by that statement, even if it only makes a little sense.

  3. Wife wanted me to point out it was FOUR on Heyer. She said “should he even be allowed to play?!” after just the second and then threw a soup ladle after the last one. Bradshaw was a joke.

  4. As much as I hate saying this but I would put Haynesworth in the winners section. The guy had 4 tackles and while I have to watch the game again it seemed as though he was definitely the reason that there wasn’t more pressure on McNabb.

  5. Kyle Shanahan has got to be a loser, and has been a loser through the first four games. The holding penalty on first and goal down on the three belongs to him. You have an effective running game going, but you are going to pitch it back to a receiver…?

    This was his game to win down the stretch and he couldn’t figure out how to put anything together to seal the deal.

  6. Haynesworth needs to be in the winners. On a defense built with mediocre players, Albert is truly above the rest in talent. He just murders double teams and was regularly in the face of Kolb/Vick. I know holds often times go uncalled, but he looked to be held nearly every snap.

  7. The moment Rogers dropped that pick my immediate reaction without hesitation: he really does have hands of stone. I mean Jesus I could’ve caught that throw.

  8. I was at the game in my 21 Sean Taylor jersey. I’ve lived in the Philadelphia area for about 3 years, and that Ryan Torain touchdown was nothing short of awesome. When Quintin Mikell got knocked off his feet, the Iggles fans went silent and the three of us Skins fans in section 115 were cheering our asses off.

    The fans were surprisingly non-douche (the ones without ponytails, anyway) but the throws that he missed (Sellers overthrown I think in the 3rd Q, Cooley underthrown) all inspired sarcastic cheers from the crowd and “that’s why got rid of that a**hole”s.

    Either way, I walked out of there with my life and W no matter how terrible we were on offense in the 2nd half.

  9. Re: Haynesworth — I have to cop to only watching the game once before writing this, and, when I watch live, I’m usually watching the ball instead of the line. So if Big Al was making a difference in there, I’m glad to hear that, but sorry I missed it.

  10. Why wasn’t a tall WR like Fred Davis not put in on defense on the last play. It was awfully close to being caught by the Eagles solely because of height. You can afford to keep one defensive player on the bench and a tall WR in the end zone for a play like that. At least to knock the ball out of play.

  11. It was a tough game and I am glad we came out with a win. We are team that got some preseason hype that we should not have and it set peoples expectations higher than they needed to be.

    We are going to ups and downs as the season goes on our way to an 8-8 ot 9-7 season. I like that we won a game where we did not play perfectly.

    We may go out, and probably will, and stink it up against the Packers but the team isn’t going to be and was never supposed to be a playoff caliber one.

    People who think otherwise are homers to the extreme.

  12. Haynesworth blew up a few double teams playing the NT, especially in the 1st half. Looked good, and more importantly, looked interested. Of course Troy said “haynesworth hasn’t done much of anything today.”

    has anyone else come to the realization yet that Mike Sellers has been living on reputation for nearly 2 years now? He had a good block on the Torrain TD, but other than that, hes been dreadful as a pass catcher and whiffs on blocks all the time. I know everyone loves big mike, but He needs to GTFO.

  13. Haynesworth played well. But he was also playing against one of the worst O-lines in football. While playing well is an improvement over simply being out on the field, I feel like we need to reserve judgement until we see week-to-week grade A effort.

  14. @ Ed- I am with you dude. Sellers is so overrated, it was his drop that should have led to a game changing pick.

    Play him on specials and let him block, but take him out of the playbook

  15. I only saw the last four minutes but in that span I managed to see McNabb run out of bounds instead of staying in bounds to keep the clock going, a terrible punt allowing Philly to start their final drive at their own 26, Carlos Rogers drop a sure pick, another Skins defender miss an interception, and a hail mary that landed in the philly receiver’s hands.

    This is why I just can’t watch Skins games.

  16. Someone needs to upload that play at the end of the game where Landry scared the S out of Jackson. That play should have been re-played during the broadcast.

  17. oh and fuck Aikman too. Did anyone else catch the comment that Landry works out alot and he must do alot of curls?

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