DMV: Zim, Boudreau Dance in Track Suits

Mercedes’ new ads star Ryan Zimmerman and Bruce Boudreau dancing in track suits, playing the kazoo and doing bird calls. [Bog, Bog]

Five player who could possibly replace Adam Dunn at 1B. [Nats Journal]

Three pitchers the Nats could bring in to be the No. 1 guy. [Goessling Game]

Mike Morse has put together a really good half season. [Federal Baseball]

Koji Uehara has struck out 41 batters since allowing a walk. [O’s Insider]

Albert Haynesworth opens up to ESPN, says Haynesworth-y things. [Krem’s]

A whole bunch of Clinton Portis falling down photoshops. [Hogs Haven]

Redskins wives are playing Eagles wives in basketball. [Redskins Blog]

Why don’t the Redskins have a practice bubble? Seems kinda cheap. [PFT]

A PSA for Cowboys fans who’ve “Never Been to Dallas.” [Redskins Blog]

CCM’s new commercial stars Ovechkin’s head in a locker. [Globe and Mail]

The finest hockey blog in all the land previews the Caps. [Puck Daddy]

This week’s Jersey Fouls stars an awful Ovechkin sweater. [Puck Daddy]

Terps enter ACC play with slightly heightened expectations. [Testudo Times]

The Dukes have a big top-five FCS matchup tomorrow. [JMU Sports Blog]

You’ve got to see this Gallaudet football tipped interception. [Bog]

Brilliant: Matching D.C. hoopsters to D.C. hardcore songs. [FanHouse]

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