DMV: Cal Ripken Is Pitching Beef Jerky

Cal says, “As someone who’s been on the athletic field practicing hour after hour, there are times I get hungry. And you want something that’s not too heavy, but still lasting. This is a good cut of beef, it’s a brisket. It stays with you a little while. It’s convenient. It doesn’t make you feel too full. It’s just a good snack.” [Orioles Insider]

This isn’t Ripken’s first questionable endorsement. [Fatpickled]

Camden Yards may add “restaurants or bars” to its offerings. [The Sun]

O’s win, won’t lose 100 games; Nats lose home finale. [Sun, WaPo]

Video: The Kool-Aid Man crashes the Presidents race. [Big League Stew]

Rizzo says a No. 1 starter is the offseason’s No. 1 priority. [Goessling Game]

Boswell says the time for the Nats to spend is now. [Thomas Boswell]

Trying to assess Adam Dunn’s significant offensive value. [Nats Insider]

The Falcons are disrespecting their former CB, DeAngelo Hall. [PFT]

Why are the Skins waiting to sign McNabb? Why not? [Redskins Insider]

The Skins simply do not get big plays from their running game. [Bog]

David Stern is fining Leonsis $100k for salary cap comments. [Wiz Insider]

Sounds like John Wall is being John Wall in team scrimmages. [Wiz Insider]

Caps newcomer Matt Hendricks picks a fight to protect Ovi. [Japers’ Rink]

Hendricks is just one example of the Caps’ new toughness. [OFB]

The Caps are loaning Michael Nylander out to the Panthers. [Puck Daddy]

Pics of the Phone Booth’s slight changes for Caps home games. [Bog]

Comcast SportsNet has new Caps and Wiz pregame shows. [Bog]

Maryland-FIU was the worst draw of the Fridge era. [Terps Insider]

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