DMV: Get Your ‘Meat and Potatoes’ Shirt

“Meat and Potatoes” is a new slogan of sorts for LaRon Landry and the Skins, so we made a shirt. Of course we did. [Bog, T-Shirt Shop]

Trent Williams may actually play against St. Louis on Sunday. [Redskins Insider]

The Skins are .500, but 25th in the NFL statistically. [DC Landing Strip]

NFL ads starring Dan Snyder, Christy Cooley, Alyssa Milano. [Redskins Blog]

Nats President Stan Kasten is resigning, but not retiring. [Nats Journal]

Stan Kasten was a failure in Washington. [Fire Jim Bowden]

Detwiler gets the W as Morse, Bernadina and Espinosa go deep. [WaPo]

Fire Joe Morgan tears up Rob Dibble and those who support him. [Deadspin]

The Nats bullpen throws 3.4 mph faster than the Nats rotation. [Fangraphs]

Answering all the questions about HBO’s 24/7 Caps-Pens series. [Bog]

Caps players discuss salty language and the upcoming HBO series. [Bog]

Caps enforcer D.J. King teaches a youngster how to fight. [On Frozen Blog]

Gary Williams: College athletes should get paid, at least a bit. [The Dagger]

CAA hoops preview: George Mason to finish 2nd, JMU 8th. [The Dagger]

8 thoughts on “DMV: Get Your ‘Meat and Potatoes’ Shirt”

  1. Didn’t Mike Jarvis propose breaking up the NCAA forever ago?
    The NCAA has to be a billion-dollar industry, and it’s absolute shit that students (um… athletes rather) can’t get some money off of their talents.
    I think the Bush situation was petty, and I think Gary is right, almost. These athletes deserve more. Athletes in top flight schools aren’t playing to receive a General Studies or Professional Sports Management degree.
    The NCAA should stop treating their golden-egg-laying geese like indentured servants.

  2. Ok, here’s a question. When/How/Why did Lavar Arrington get on the Washington Post’s payroll. I mean I’m a huge Skins’ fan and even once owned the man’s jersey, but did everybody forget how his career ended? I did not think being a hard hitter that played out of position on almost every down went on your resume as a plus. Since when is this guy an expert on all things football? Ask Lavar? Hard Hits with Lavar? How does this interest anyone? I understand that by playing in the NFL he may have learned a few things, but Lavar was not a smart player. You might as well hire Brandon Lloyd to come in and coach up the skins’ receivers.
    You mean that there aren’t any former NFL players that they could find better than Lavar? If its because he’s a former skin wouldn’t it make sense to find one that didn’t jump ship to join the Giants? I mean if u want somebody that’s angry and irrelevant they should have asked Rod Gardner. I don’t see the purpose of this move by WaPo, maybe he’ll bring some attention to the site. But I know this, I’m not falling for it. Lavar is a clown, and I’d take hunters safety lessons from Dick Cheney before I ever listen to a word about football from Lavar Arrington. Is this guy serious? Today he explains the Nose tackle position and talks about devin thomas at receiver. HAHA Joke. 4 words for Lavar, “Pack Shit, Get out!” Am I the only one that does not like him? Why is he even around?

  3. Well said Horsey. The older I get the more this issue bothers me about NCAA athletics. It is a farce that the NCAA cant cut these guys (and gals) a $200 check a month. The players images are used in marketing for the NCAA, private businesses AND non-profits as well as the individual schools represent. The players deserve at least a small taste of the huge contracts and revenues they generate.

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