DMV: Mr. Walk-Off Still Gets No Respect

There are plenty of things to mock the Nats for. Using Ryan Zimmerman, arguably baseball’s best player, on promotional materials isn’t one of them. [Deadspin]

Looking at Zimmerman’s place in MVP voting. [Nats Baseball]

Weighing Adam Dunn vs. Carlos Pena for the Nats. [Nats Blog]

Boz says Dunn is done in Washington. [Tom Boswell]

Nats lose despite Wil Ramos’ 1st HR; O’s lose on Yanks’ walk-off. [WaPo, Sun]

Luke Scott may become 4th Oriole this century with 30 HR. [Roar From 34]

Skins want 2nd-rounder for Haynesworth; Titans offer a 4th. [Tennessean]

Shanahan says Haynesworth isn’t going anywhere yet. [Redskins Insider]

Panning the “Mike Shanahan Show” and its hosts. [Len Shapiro]

Plenty of tickets remain for Redskins-Cowboys, none of them cheap. [TiqIQ]

One site’s BlogPoll ballot has Maryland at 13. That’ll last. [Dr. Saturday]

UVA’s new mascot looks like “a really fucked-up seahorse.” [EDSBS]

Comcast Sportsnet to show all Caps and Wiz games in HD. [Bog]

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