Sneak Peek: The Dexter Manley TV Show

This first look at Dexter Manley’s new TV show (via @DextersRushHour) doesn’t disappoint. A sampling of Dexter’s so-called “strategy” for Sunday night’s Redskins-Cowboys game:

— “They can knock those Cowgirls off the line of scrimmage.”
— “Mr. [Brandon] Banks, we need you to run at least two punt returns back.”
— “You watch [LaRon Landry], he takes a zero in on you, and he’s coming to knock your jock off.”
— “Clinton [Portis], show the world and the people of RFK, I mean FedEx Field, that you still have it.”
— “All you law enforcements, you let [people] scalp those tickets, because we need that place rocking.”
— “We need everybody participating, little kids, babies, pooping and everything you got to do. Bring your A game Sunday night.”
— “You must be willing to run over your grandmother, your mother, your sister, and your little sister, and all your other sisters out there. Either you got a lot of illegitimate kids, run over them. Run over dogs, cats, whatever it is you run over them to beat the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night.”

In closing, I will always love you, Dexter.

Update: The site for Dexter’s show just launched, and it’s pretty crazy.

Bonus: As seen on the Bog, the most amazing Dexter Manley poster:

6 thoughts on “Sneak Peek: The Dexter Manley TV Show”

  1. Spectacular. Also, WTF is going on in the background? Yes sir, nothing says Redskins football like an endless loop of zooming in on Greece from space, followed by footage of boats.

  2. This show will live on forever, like the Baseball Bunch. I don’t care if it only last 2 weeks…it’s awesome beyond words. Is that the Hunt for Red October playing behind him?

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