DMV: I Would Prefer That McNabb Play

I’m still torn about this whole Donovan McNabb, quarterback of the Washington Redskins thing, but when faced with the choice between him or Rex Grossman under center, it gets a lot less muddled. Thankfully, it sounds like 5 will play in the opener. [WaPo]

The progression of McNabb’s so-called ankle injury. [Redskins Insider]

Skins send rookie FB Dennis Morris to St. Louis, get rookie LB Hall Davis. [RI]

Malcolm Kelly may be cut or put on the IR. [RI]

Skins snapper Nick Sundberg has a hell of a back tattoo. [Redskins Blog]

DeAngelo Hall makes Comcast’s Kelli Johnson remove her heels. [Bog]

Analyzing the Beltway Bloggers fantasy league, which I’m in. [Fatpickled]

Jason Marquis gets his first win as a Nat in front of hundreds. [WaPo]

Nyjer Morgan and Jim Riggleman publicly snip at one another. [CSN]

El Duque, upset at not getting called up, leaves the Nats. [Goessling]

Little Leaguers emulate Bryce Harper’s eyeblack look. [Big League Stew]

Rob Dibble’s summer told through motivational posters. [Tauntr]

No. 3 pick Manny Machado is playing at Single-A Aberdeen. [O’s Insider]

Six free-agent defensemen the Caps should be considering. [Japers’ Rink]

Mike Wise tweets fake news, gets raked over the coals for it, apologizes. [PFT, SB Nation D.C., D.C. Sports Bog, Press Coverage]

8 thoughts on “DMV: I Would Prefer That McNabb Play”

  1. I think Shanahan is just throwing up a smoke screen about McNabb but who knows. Listening to Mike Wise on 106.7 The Fan yesterday McNabb’s injury is permanent, the whole season is lost with Grossman starting and we’re going 2-14. I may be somewhat of an idealist but I really can’t believe that his injury is more than a mild sprain.

    As for MK, I don’t get what the problem is. I have a hard time understanding what kind of hamstring injury has kept him out of practice for the last month. If it’s serious why hasn’t it been diagnosed before now? It makes me question his work ethic.

  2. Okay I didn’t read the last link(s) before I posted but apparently Mike Wise was on a roll yesterday. It was actually a day that I listened to the radio as I was in the car for several hours. He was pretty ridiculous.

  3. Didn’t Kelly hurt himself at McNabb’s Super Spectacular Secret Southwest Sweatlodge Training? If so, I don’t think it made a big enough stink– or has everyone already written Kelly off?

  4. Def heard someone on the radio yesterday talking about how they were going to tweet something and see if Adam Shefter (or some name close to that) would ‘run with it’. Guess it worked… That’s good stuff.

  5. It doesn’t change anything for the team or for Kelly. I’m not defending him. I just think it interesting that Haynesworth was (deservedly) crucified for not participating in OTA’s, yet McNabb’s extraspecial, extracurricular, non-OTA workout for wideouts leads to an injury (maybe two) that hurts the team– inasmuch as a second-round washout hurts a team.

    He did injure himself in Arizona, before training camp, in a non-team-sanctioned regimen, right? I’m just asking why that isn’t being addressed. Your response Jules, kinda answers my question. Kelly makes MMA wannabe Michael Westbrook look like a keeper.

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