DMV: Md.-Navy Renamed the Crab Bowl

Monday’s Midshipmen-Terps tilt is now dubbed the Crab Bowl, and it has its own trophy. [Hometown Annapolis via Testudo Times and D1scourse]

Livan Hernandez gets a well-earned one-year extension. [Nats Journal]

Nyjer Morgan benched for trying to run over a catcher. [NatsFanboyLooser]

Rob Dibble’s hiatus continued through the weekend. [Fire Jim Bowden]

Four big things the Nats must do to contend in 2013. [Fire Jim Bowden]

Spotted: A moldy hot dog bun at Nats Park. [Dempsey’s Army]

Nats take series from Cards; O’s sweep Angels(!). [WaPo, The Sun]

O’s have first winning August since ’97 thanks to pitching. [Krem’s Sports]

Shanahan and Haynesworth are all smiles these days. [Redskins Insider]

Video: Larry Johnson’s post-TD dunk celebration. [Redskins Blog]

Video: Rex Grossman’s muffed snap-turned-safety. [SB Nation D.C.]

Positional summary of who the Redskins are cutting/keeping. [TBD]

Five things we’ve learned about the Skins starters. [CSN Washington]

FedEx’s new standing-room section is loud and stuff. [Hogs Haven]

Eazy Yi puts up some big numbers at the World Championships. [TAI]

One thought on “DMV: Md.-Navy Renamed the Crab Bowl”

  1. Unless Stephen Hawking sans wheelchair is playing catcher, Morgan has no business trying to run over any of them (however, can’t say I hate someone on the Nationals getting aggressively physical for once).

    A moldy hot dog at Nats Park? Dumb fucking Baltimorons still don’t understand that the mold is penicillin, which would help them get rid of the world’s biggest collection of syphilis-ridden fleshbags. Or has the disease already gone to dementia mode?

    Anyway, a headline like this ‘Spotted: competent, professional, and polite service anywhere at Nats Park’ would be more newsworthy (one day-hope hope). Although my usher ‘Sexy’ Sadie is my 5th best friend in the world.

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