Thomas Boswell: What Steve Carlton Was to Lefties, Rob Dibble Is to Idiots

Just stumbled upon this excerpt from yesterday’s Washington Post chat (via Chris Needham):

Tommy John: Can we get that surgery performed on Rob Dibble’s mouth?

Thomas Boswell: One Nats exec, on hearing of the comments, called another Nats executive and just said one word, “Idiot.”

They both knew, with no names mentioned and no other context, what was being discussed and who.

They used to say that you knew how good Steve Carlton was because if you said “Lefty” everybody in baseball knew who you were talking about. Dibble?

That’s probably the best takedown yet of the guy who just keeps digging, and it comes from Washington’s preeminent baseball writer. Well done, Boz.

5 thoughts on “Thomas Boswell: What Steve Carlton Was to Lefties, Rob Dibble Is to Idiots”

  1. Rob Dibble is the biggest jackass. To hear this moron on MASN as a color anylist is a joke. He is about as smart as a rock. Hope they send him packing after those inspiring comments about one Stephan Stausburg, on how he needs to suck it up. How do you spell DOPE? Its ROB Dibble!

  2. Oh, he knows baseball. There’s no doubt about that. His thing is not about baseball, it’s all about him. He is always trying to put a light of some sort on him. Unfortunately for him and baseball is that it always seems to illuminate a loser.

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