DMV: Mr. Walk-Off Is Kind of a Big Deal

A saber-y look at why Ryan Zimmerman — and not Pujols, Mauer, Longoria, Ramirez, etc. — would be the first pick to start a franchise. [Fangraphs]

Video: For the first time in his career, Zim gets ejected. []

Zimmerman’s already halfway to the all-time walk-off HR record. [WWN]

Livan Hernandez’ crazy, highly effective season continues. [Nats Journal]

Wilson Ramos called up, may start at catcher today. [Nats Journal]

Cuban SP Yunesky Maya working his way through the minors. [Nats Journal]

Zim gets ejected, Nats lose on walk-off; O’s comeback falls short. [WP, Sun]

Ex-Skin Clint Didier finishes third in Washington state primary. [City Desk]

Holy shit: Dexter Manley may be hosting a new TV show. [Bog]

Trent Williams clocked going 90 in his Porsche. [The Crime Scene]

Fred Davis also seems to have a lead foot. As do I. [Redskins Insider]

A piece of Skins memorabilia that saw combat in Iraq. [Redskins Blog]

Amazing audio from Spurrier’s final Redskins press conference. [Bog]

Washington acquiring Carmelo Anthony doesn’t sound likely. [SBN D.C.]

ESPN’s First Take chews up the John Wall dance, spits it out. [Bog]

Appreciating Matt Bradley five years into his Caps career. [Japers’ Rink]

Under Armour made shoes exclusively for Greivis Vasquez. [Dime Mag]

Steinz compiles the greatest quotes in D.C. sports history. [Bog]

Shake Shack is coming to Dupont Circle. Check it out. [Young & Hungry]

2 thoughts on “DMV: Mr. Walk-Off Is Kind of a Big Deal”

  1. Bob & Rob proclaiming that Zimmerman didn’t say anything at the exact moment the replay clearly showed him saying Fing BS was priceless

  2. Can’t wait to see what Ramos’s got.

    Zimm did look like he was saying “fucking bullshit” but at the exact same time the ump was raising his arm to toss him– not before. So, that reason’s nonsense.

    Repeat after me, “we no longer are allowed to be upset or upset others.” No mosques “in bad taste.” No expressing how “you can understand” where the Connecticut beer distributor shooter was coming from. And certainly, no being angry with yourself after you just struck out after 1 (maaaaybe 2) questionable called strikes and a caught foul tip strike 3.

    Whether the reason is it’s out of character for Zimm to show emotion like that or you have a greenhorn umpire crew, there’s no excuse for Zimm to get the big bounce in that situation.

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