DMV: Nats Sign Harper; Rizzo Gets Pied

Seconds before the deadline, the Nats signed Bryce Harper to “a major league contract worth $9.9 million over five years, including a $6.25 million signing bonus, the richest deal ever signed by a position player.” [WaPo]

Video: Prez Stan Kasten creampies GM Mike Rizzo. [CSN Washington]

“Harper is just a proto-athlete, baseball’s very own LeBron.” [Jeff Passan]

Harper gives the franchise three cornerstone players. [Thomas Boswell]

Nats also signed picks Cole, Solis and Ray for ~$4 million. [Nats Journal]

Kasten speaks out about the draft system being broken. [Nats Journal]

Nats are trying top SS prospect Danny Espinosa at 2B. [Nats Journal]

Jim Bowden takes issue with Tom Boswell’s Scott Boras column. [Bog]

O’s give No. 3 overall pick Manny Machado a $5.25 million bonus. [The Sun]

O’s win in 11 on Adam Jones’ walk-off bunt. Yes, a walk-off bunt. [The Sun]

Mike Sellers’ wife is having a boy, and he has the pictures to prove it. [Bog]

A good analysis of Haynesworth playing in Haslett’s 3-4. [Shutdown Corner]

Talk radio caller criticizes DeAngelo Hall. DeAngelo calls in to respond. [Bog]

Brian Westbrook won’t be coming to Washington. [Redskins Insider]

So what does the “M.” in Daniel M. Snyder stand for? [City Desk]

Don’t expect John Wall to score a lot this season. [Bullets Forever]

Five Guys beats In-N-Out for best burger in a Zagat’s poll. [DCist]

Richmond, William & Mary and JMU in the FCS preseason top 15. [JMUSB]

3 thoughts on “DMV: Nats Sign Harper; Rizzo Gets Pied”

  1. What’s wrong with his eye black? It’s kind of bad ass.

    I think the Nats (or MLB) already said that he cannot wear it though. Don’t know why…

    I would think that it would be kasten taking the creampie from Rizzo, because he’s kind of a bitch.

  2. Ditto: That eye black is about the only thing would make Landry’s dick-ups even more badass.

    How come every time I see a photo of Kasten, I know exactly what the child conceived from a turtle raping Mr. Magoo would look like? (not to be confused with a turtle-raping Mr. Magoo)

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