DMV: Rob Dibble’s Message for You, Judy

Rob Dibble said some insensitive, unfunny things about women. [Bog]

Dibble apologized for what he said, both online and on-air. [SBN D.C.]

Apology not accepted. [Camden Chat, CP, We Love DC, Edge of Brooklyn]

Immigration protesters streaked the field at Nats Park. [D.C. Sports Bog]

Jordan Z-Mann’s 2nd-to-last minor league start goes well. [Nats Journal]

Jason Marquis has been awful. Like, really awful. [Nats Blog]

Nats have two of baseball’s top catching prospects. [Beyond the Boxscore]

Assessing Bryce Harper, who needs to be signed by midnight. [Nats Journal]

O’s also have ’til midnight to sign No. 3 pick Manny Machado. [O’s Insider]

Nats win as Stras returns to form; O’s lose 1st series in 4 tries. [WaPo, Sun]

Buck Showalter wasn’t a fan of the O’s all-orange throwbacks. [BLS]

Twelve observations from the Redskins-Bills game. [Fatpickled]

Brandon Banks took a punt to the house, did the John Wall dance. [Bog]

Haynesworth looked good, appears to be back on track. [WaPo]

Devin Thomas had a drastically up-and-down game. [Redskins Insider]

Silverback Williams did well in his first NFL action. [Redskins Insider]

Dan Snyder appeared in the booth to get fellated by Joe Theismann. [Bog]

Andy Reid makes a fan remove his McNabb jersey. [Philly Sports Daily]

Miss you, Red Snapper: Skins have competition at snapper. [Redskins Blog]

JaVale McGee cut from Team USA; 5 things he should take away. [BF]

Yi Jianlian with a nice dunk on Kevin Love in a China-USA scrimmage. [TAI]

Semyon Varlamov learns about the U.S. by watching Friends. [Japers’ Rink]

Former JMU guys make solid NFL preseason debuts. [JMU Sports Blog]

(Image taken with love from Capitol Punishment.)

9 thoughts on “DMV: Rob Dibble’s Message for You, Judy”

  1. his comments were dumb but they’re not the tremendous deal some have made them out to be. there’s nothing worse than sitting at a game listening to people talk the entire time about anything and everything except the game. his shopping comment was chauvinistic and he could have suggested another topic, but i say he only noticed them because they have 2 of the best seats in the house and spent the least amount of time taking advantage of those great seats.

    seems like a lot of outlets are trying to use dibble’s remarks to further their longstanding desire to have him yanked.

  2. In general, I agree with you. I think there’s a lot of faux outrage generating actual outrage by people who weren’t paying attention in the first place. A perfect storm of hurt feelings and self-esteem building.

    But he handled it terribly. The blog post he wrote never uses the word ‘sorry’. And his comments on-air blamed ‘toxic cyber space’ for misconstruing his words — as if he’s the victim.

  3. “Andy Reid makes a fan remove his McNabb jersey.”

    Did it smell like bacon?

    Was judge who sent his boys to jail named McNabb?

    That sounds awfully juvenile– even for a walrus.

  4. “Rob Dibble said some insensitive, unfunny things about women.”

    But your caption for Dibble is really hilarious, and I’m sure your women reader(s) are less offended by it than a joke about shopping.

    Let his statements be what they are…. a not so funny joke. Anyone who is offended or “outraged” should be donkey punched.

  5. Jamie: We need t-shirts for women to wear to a Nats home game that say “NOT talking about shopping.” I’d pay women behind home plate to wear those.

    I regularly talk to other women during Nats games–90% of the time about baseball (that game or another one in progress or the merits of various players), 5% about what we should eat or drink, 5% about the attractiveness of various players on the field, 0% about shopping.

  6. Shut up all you idiots. None of you are talking about baseball and it is sickening. You are on a freakin sports website and you are talking about me. What? Now you are offended about that? Pansies.

  7. eh, fat hogs.. OINK OINK OINK OINK OINK OINK!

    well, all sports going types are cursed with the i.q. that of arteriosclerosis.

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