LaRon Landry Is Still Working Out

When I was a kid, the Incredible Hulk TV show was pretty popular, I think. All I remember, though, is that when Bruce Banner got angry and turned into the Hulk, I would get really scared. Like, hide-behind-the-couch-and-wait-for-it-to-be-over scared. Seeing this sort of makes me feel like that:

That would be LaRon Landry working out (again), in a polo shirt, as he’s wont to do. And if you’ve ever wondered how one gets freakishly large shoulders, arms, etc., here’s your answer: by doing pull-ups WITH a 25-POUND FREE WEIGHT HANGING FROM YOUR WAIST. You see, regular pull-ups are for little boys who hide behind couches and stuff.

Which reminds me … a friend was saying recently how you could tell him anything about Landry, and he’d believe it. The Ron could be anything, except for a good tackler, I suppose. He could be a Civil War buff. A published author. A virtuoso with the pan flute.

No one knows what it’s like, to be the bad man, to be the sad man, behind big bi’s.

(Photo via Redskins blogger Matt Terl. More after the jump.)

13 thoughts on “LaRon Landry Is Still Working Out”

  1. RIP Sean T

    I think this is the year we all get to see exactly what we lost out on with Sean T’s death. Pairing these two guys together in the primes of their careers could have truly been awesome.

  2. Mr. McGee don’t make me angry…you wouldn’t like me when I’m the other night when I was trying to change the tire on my yellow celica in the rain. I busted my knuckles on the rim, then I flipped that bitch over a cliff.

  3. I played a lot of basketball in weight training in high school. Actually Pullups do work the biceps, the shoulders and the back are the primary muscles worked, but your biceps do get plenty of work.

  4. JDP, unless you are not fully extending your body at the begining and end on your pullups, Tony Horton would tell you biceps are completely involved when doing pullups and chin ups.

  5. Landry says he lifts weights 7 days a week. I don’t see how a player can do this unless he is only lifting for 40 minutes a day. My workouts usually take 2 hours. Its all about a person’s body as well. What is he doing is obviously working, the man is a monster.

  6. The man is no where near a monster,he is 225 and ripped but far from big.Im a bodybuilder and he does not have much size just alot of shape and seperation.Not impressed.

  7. Pull-ups mostly hits lats on your back but they also hit biceps.

    LaRon is a hunky dude and he definitely is a monster compared to the average person. Yeah, a 5’9 270 lb. bodybuilder on the sauce would look at Landry as small, but then again, 5’9 270 lb. cut bodybuilders represent about .00001% of the population.

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