DMV: O’s Fan Sets Record for Streaking*

An O’s fan streaked onto the field last night and continued streaking for two minutes, which is more outlandish than The Streak itself. [Big League Stew]

Ty Wigginton and Juan Samuel were madder about a blown call in the 7th inning of a 4-0 game than I’ve been in my whole life. [The Sun]

Seriously, watch the video of Wigginton and Samuel going off. []

The five biggest disappointments for the disappointing O’s. [Roar From 34]

Nats win second in a row on Livo Hernandez’ complete game. [WaPo]

Always fun: Screencaps of Strasburg making batters look foolish. [Bog]

Strasburg appears to have a following in Cincinnati. [Bog]

Not trading Adam Dunn makes sense for the Nats. [SB Nation D.C.]

Some additions to our Bob & Rob Drinking Game. [Snakes In My Pants]

Take a first look at the new Sean Taylor “shrine” at FedEx Field. [Bog]

Skins reporters speculate on Malcolm Kelly getting cut. [CSN Washington]

Despite broken foot, Andray Blatche is “noticably sleeker.” [Wiz Insider]

Ernie Grunfeld ranked as the NBA’s 18th-best GM. [Bullets Forever]

Jaime Moreno, maybe MLS’ greatest player, winds down in D.C. [Mike Wise]

IPA lovers: Head to Pizzeria Paradiso for JulyPA Days. [Young & Hungry]

* Note: May not be an actual record.

10 thoughts on “DMV: O’s Fan Sets Record for Streaking*”

  1. McNulty and Bunk were sitting back, enjoying some beers and laughs.

    I think the Wiggy outburst was a bottled-up season of frustration coming out. He was pissed, to say the least.

  2. That was the most exciting thing to happen that night. The fans need something to cheer about. This guy got more applause than the O’s have all year.

  3. I was at the game and he walked right by us on his way out in cuffs. Got a standing ovation. Only thing worthy of it that night

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