Adam Jones Needs a Haircut, You Guys

It’s been two years since I moved down to Wilmington and I’ve just now found a barber I’m comfortable with. Of course it means frequenting the local SuperCuts, but she’s getting it done.

Before moving, my guy was Faraj at Pete’s in North Arlington. No one else cut my hair for the better part of the decade, and I still try to schedule cuts around trips back home, just so I can pay him a visit. The man is a virtuoso with the scissors and a straight blade. So I know what it’s like having — or not having — someone you’re comfortable with.

Enter O’s centerfielder and 2009 All-Star Adam Jones, who tweets this:

I hear that. But how long does a guy have to be in Baltimore before he finds a good barbershop? And doesn’t he have teammates to show him the way?

This is Jones third full season with the O’s, and it’s the third straight year he’s had one or fewer black teammates (fewer than one is zero; there is no less than zero). And though I’ve never really considered baseball’s race problem as it pertains to Charm City, that’s rather striking.

Baltimore was home to Hall of Famers Frank Robinson and Eddie Murray, and lesser stars such as Ken Singleton, Paul Blair, Al Bumbry and Mike Devereaux. Boston it is not.

So it is that Jones’ tweet surprised me a little bit, and I thought I’d help the guy out. Here to assist Adam in his elusive quest for “good black barbers in bmore” is friend of the site Jarrett Carter:

“Any professional ballplayer seeking a quality edge up in a new city doesn’t ask for much – just a place where he can avoid getting shot, a suspect trim, and secret video cameras. Adam Jones is seeking such a place, and fortunately, a solution is just outside of Sports By Brooks’ – and harm’s – way.

Diamond Cuts is on the corner of Loch Raven Boulevard and E. Joppa Road, just outside of Baltimore City. Some attractive barbershop amenities you won’t find there; a booming bootleg DVD marketplace, a 1997 Budweiser calendar with the flyest light-skinned tender out of Macon, GA, and the brother that cuts hair without a license are a no go. But what you will find is enlightening conversation, a quiet atmosphere and a Caesar that would do your grandmomma proud.

Just ask for Bam.”

Sounds better than SuperCuts.

7 thoughts on “Adam Jones Needs a Haircut, You Guys”

  1. Wow, I grew up just around the corner from Pete’s. I’ve actually gotten a few cuts from Faraj over the last few years. I feel honored that I’ve had my hair worked on by the same man as Mr. Irrelevant. Faraj does quality work but my favorite North Arlington barber is definitely Chi from Tom’s Barber Shop on Wilson Blvd. Every time I go in there’s always two or three people waiting for Chi.

  2. Two things: I went for a haircut at a black barbershop in high school when I realized that black and white don’t exactly mix when it comes to haircuts. Big mistake, barber spent a few minutes looking for scissors (hint: under about 2 inches of dust). Not bad for an early social experiment, and I wasn’t getting any less girls, so there’s that.

    Baseball’s race problem? Is that when American Blacks try to convince that rest of the world that you aren’t Black if you speak Spanish?

    Jermaine Dye could be playing (working) right now. He wasn’t offered as much as he thought he was worth. If I had a nickel for every worker in America who has had the same experience since the economic downturn, I’d be earning as much as I think I’m worth. But guess what? I must work. Man, I wish I was being getting some of that horrible Jermain Dye treatment. “You want to work for $3mil?” “Nah, I’ll sit this one out.”

    And why are we cherry-picking, Hudson? You can’t tell me a certain Barry Bonds couldn’t help a team still (if you’re convinced Sheff could)? Where’s the outcry over the colluding baseball owners? It’s only racism when it helps your argument… right?

  3. Re: “baseball’s race problem” — I was being lazy there and just linked to the Dye/Hudson story as it was the most recent one that came to mind. Here’s an AP story from this spring noting that black ballplayers dropped to 9% in ’09.

  4. First three sentences of that article:
    “Major League Baseball equaled its best grades for racial and gender diversity hiring, even as the percentage of black players dropped again last year.

    MLB received an A for race and a B for gender hiring in the annual study released Thursday by the University of Central Florida’s Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sports. Baseball received the same grades in last year’s report.”

    Here’s one legitimate race problem in baseball. The fact that the MVP award is named after baseball color-line-perpetuator (and Black Jack Johnson persecutor), Kennesaw Mountain Landis. Kinda hard to square that with events like Jackie Robinson Day.

    I’m sorry if I’m going on way too much about this topic, but remarks by players like Torii Hunter seem way out of line to me, and he didn’t catch nearly enough flak for them (in my opinion). People who share Hunter’s viewpoint detract from any reasonable conversation about race in baseball.

  5. Im not sure if this is a ‘race in baseball’ story as much as it is an ‘athlete being disconnected from the city he plays in’ story. Someone hook this guy up with Angie’s List.

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