DMV: Baltimore’s Answer to Strasburg

Jake Arrieta wins his second major league start. He’s now 2-0 with a 2.77 ERA, and the two wins are the only ones by O’s starters in the past 19 games. He’s also a handsome devil. In closing, Arrieta is the only good thing about the O’s right now. [The Sun]

Nats lose as John Lannan continues to struggle. [WaPo]

Strassy looks like a K king, which may not be a good thing. [Tom Boswell]

Just kidding, of course Strasburg strikeouts are a good thing. [NNN]

More about Strasburg making the All-Star team. [Bog, Big League Stew]

A brief but satisfying Strasburg item. [The Onion Sports Network]

A fun little mockup of what SI’s cover should’ve been. [William World News]

Pudge is on a mission to get 3,000 hits. [Nats Journal]

Anonymous teammates aren’t very happy with Haynesworth. [Skins Insider]

Depressing: Photo histories of Haynesworth time in Washington. [Bog, DoD]

“Redskins need to make Haynesworth’s life miserable.” [CSN Washington]

Breaking down Haynesworth’s compensation per game, play, etc. [Bog]

Haynesworth’s personal trainer doesn’t seem like a joke at all. [Bog]

A blogger plays Madden with Skins LB Robert Henson. [Hogs Haven]

Skins LB Chris Draft has written a children’s book. [Redskins Blog]

Ex-Caps Oates and Ciccarelli have decent chances at the HOF. [Puck Daddy]

John Wall’s summer league debut scheduled for July 11. [Wiz Insider]

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