5 thoughts on “Strasburg’s Sports Illustrated Cover”

  1. And I just noticed the question running at the top… answer: not much. Nebraska is so reviled, the Big XII set up this elaborate ruse just to be rid of them.

  2. horseyducey and WFY reminded me somehow of the mid-70s SI cover with then-Terp QB Mark Manges and the caption “Maryland on the Move.”

    My twin bro, noting the caption and the jinx (man that has been around a long time), suggested a slight rewrite for the caption: “Maryland on the Loose” (with the second “o” in “Loose” struck through).

    The Terps went undefeated regular season, ranked No. 5 or so. (Hey. Big fish; little ACC pond.) They came close to getting beat their last game against Wake Forest, no powerhouse. (I was there. Not pretty.)

    Then lost – with the able assistance of a baaaad call – in the Cotton Bowl.


    Or wait. Was that cover from 1975? When they had a first down at the Penn State 42? Ran into the line for THREE PLAYS? Then had Mike Sochko attempt a FG from there? You can guess what happened. Sochko – one of the best and most promising kickers in the country before that kick – didn’t make a ripple after that season. What happens when your own coach ices you.

    DOUBLE AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH. Jerry Claiborne made the Terps respectable. And made damn sure they never got better than that.

    But. But.

    Can you imagine anybody who looks like that guy on that cover up there not making the Hall of Fame?

    (I don’t think I have an Official Jinx.


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