DMV: Karl Alzner’s Amazing Playoff Beard

Alzner, who the Caps took No. 5 overall in ’07, hasn’t shaved since mid-April. It shows. [D.C. Sports Bog]

Alzner’s Hershey Bears, by the way, won their second straight Calder Cup last night. [WaPo]

Great pics of the Bears’ celebration. [RMNB]

Wow: WaPo angers subscribers with their Strasburg poster. [Omblog]

Strasburg is your NL Player of the Week. [Nats Journal]

Could Strasburg be an All-Star? [Capitol Punishment]

Some awesome, useless Strasburg facts and figures. [Jayson Stark]

Informative: Take a look at Strasburg’s various grips. [D.C. Sports Bog]

Dibble would like to protect Strasburg from the “knucklehead” media. [Bog]

Zim is the top third baseman but 5th in All-Star voting. [Federal Baseball]

Chris Tillman gets shelled; O’s lose badly. [The Sun]

The O’s don’t have a HR from a first baseman yet this year. [The Sun]

The O’s have a lot of injured guys coming back. [O’s Insider]

Absurd video: Cooley hazing himself with a bunch of condiments. [Cooley]

Charles Mann calls out Haynesworth. Also, Charles Mann rules. [Bog]

Clinton Portis seems pretty good with kids. [Redskins Blog]

The Skins got Rocky McIntosh signed to a one-year deal. [Skins Insider]

Awesome: Leonsis’ list of things Wiz fans want him to do. [Ted’s Take]

Weird: Evan Turner won’t work out for the Wizards. [Bullets Forever]

Lots of folks, including me, talking about the Wizards as a team name. [TAI]

Some “bro”-themed D.C. sports t-shirts. [DC Landing Strip]

2 thoughts on “DMV: Karl Alzner’s Amazing Playoff Beard”

  1. I met Charles Mann at Bed Bath and Beyond when I was with my mom once. Love the guy, but he was so horrible on radio.

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