DMV: Drew Storen Is Also Phenomenal

Not only is Drew Storen’s ERA down to 1.54, but he’s 12-12 on keeping inherited runners from scoring. [Nats Journal]

Zimmerman-Dunn-Willingham is the best-hitting trio in baseball. [Fangraphs]

The only nit to pick with Strasburg is his changeup. [FanHouse]

A fantastic Stephen Strasburg photograph. [FYSS]

Cleveland’s all-Strasburg merch booth. [Bog]

An intrepid reporter’s visit to Strasburg, Va. [SB Nation DC]

Dear MASN, replace Carpenter and Dibble with these guys. [Bog]

Nats Park rumored to host the 2015 MLB All-Star Game. [Nats Insider]

O’s lose again, get swept by the Mets at home. [The Sun]

The O’s are just as bad as they were in the 0-21 1988 season. [O’s Insider]

A sneak peek at John Wall’s Reeboks? [Truth About It]

On Va. Tech to the SEC and Maryland to the Big Ten. [CSN Washington]

The pros and cons of Maryland going to the Big Ten. [Testudo Times]

See No. 7 for why Maryland shouldn’t do it. [D1scourse]

A great Ovechkin/World Cup stat. [On Frozen Blog]

Brian Westbrook is still in play for the Skins. [Redskins Insider]

Mike Wise got married this weekend, I guess. [City Desk]

New Alexandria brew pub cops Wilmington’s nickname. [We Love DC]

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