Mom and Dad Review the Strasburger

Our parents went to Glory Days Fairfax to try a version of the Strasburger. Here’s their review, with phone photography from Dad and words by Mom.

The burger was good, but I don’t think it stands up to Strasburg’s talent. It costs $10.37 (I guess that is his number??? 37??). It’s prime hamburger meat, the pepper jack cheese is good, but the guacamole is struggling (“store-bought” and kind of tasteless – fresh, home-made would have been much better!). The jalapenos are a nice touch though.

Overall it was good, but not really sure I’d order it again. Although Mondays are $5 burgers all day, but … the Strasburger is $8. I guess Glory Days figures it’s worth an extra $3 just for the name. So I might consider ordering it again at that price.

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