Scenes From Strassy’s Would-Be Debut

Texted words and pics from Mr. Irrelevant Maryland sports correspondent Andy Peden, who attended Friday night’s Nats-Reds game, which had been widely speculated to be Stephen Strasburg’s debut. He can be seen here modeling our red Strasburg 11:58:43 t-shirt behind home plate.

I would say there had to be 32,000 or so there. Most of the folks who bought tickets hoping Strasburg was pitching still showed up.

Strasburg was actually in the front row wearing his own jersey with three ladies. I thought he was married. (Ed. note: Not THE Strasburg, I suppose.)

Greivis was there. He did a shimmy between innings on the jumbotron, and I was able to spot him in the crowd.

There was a girl a row behind me to my left. She’s an Orioles fan. That’s a Chris Ray t-shirt with boots I haven’t seen since Braveheart and what looks like cut off pinstripe pants.

4 thoughts on “Scenes From Strassy’s Would-Be Debut”

  1. This game was great. Figuring there’d be several rich bastards who bought tickets thinking Strassy who would start trying to pawn them off on the cheap, my family found Presidents Club seats on Stubhub for like, 140 a piece.

  2. Hey James, if you spend $140 per seat for a ticket to a baseball game, you’re not allowed to call other people rich bastards, you rich bastard.

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