10 thoughts on “Fashion Fail: The ‘Oriolionals’ T-Shirt”

  1. The only thing more terrible is when they (once again) brought this effect to the broadcast booth. Hate to rock the boat, but I don’t want any jockey-wearing out-of-towners on my TeeVee. I don’t care what the Orioles schedule is. Thanks for pinching every penny, Angelose. Unwatchable.
    Series win made it bearable.

  2. Horseydeucey: I look at this way — the shared booth means the Orioles fans have to suffer Dibble too.

    That is a really stupid shirt too.

  3. WFY- Do you really think palmer’s better than Dibble?? Palmer is an incredible douch bag. He’s even more of a homer than Dibble, takes himself way too seriously, sucks on angelos’ teet and likes it, looks like leather, and thinks he knows everything.

    They both like to run around in their underwear though..

  4. @WFY right. So it’s a lose-lose. Let’s keep em’ separated. I have no love for the Orioles, nor do I expect Orioles fans to give two shits for the Nationals (just two games).

  5. Palmer is far from a homer. He beats up on the orioles all the time and has held back very little concerning the current state of the team. He is very full of himself, but with his stats, he can be.

    All that said, I still miss john miller.

  6. Agreed AK, for all of the perceived condescension Palmer is a very smart, very honest, well spoken color guy. And like a baseball, he is covered in leather.

  7. DC, horseydeucey: I don’t watch Palmer enough to say he’s good or bad, but he’s never made me want to put the TV on mute. The same can not be said for Dibble. Don Sutton was pretty good.

  8. It’s not so much Palmer specifically for me. It’s the constant reminder that my team’s television rights are owned by another organization. And that organization has deemed it fitting that I have zero ability to watch an entirely hometeam broadcast when the Nats play the O’s. I will be a strictly radio guy for the games that I don’t attend in these series from now on.

    Yeah, take that MASN, your share just dropped 1/40,000th.

    This aggression will not stand… man.

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