DMV: Say It Ain’t So, Santana Man

“Santana Moss allegedly received treatment from a Toronto physician charged with smuggling muscle-building drugs into the U.S.” [Buffalo News]

On the doctor at the center of this HGH scandal, and how this case is even more ambiguous than most PED-related issues already are. [Sally Jenkins]

Mike Shanahan says they’re still considering Brian Westbrook. [Redskins Insider]

Matt Terl gets a brushback from Pro Football Talk, recalls advice George Michael once gave him. [Redskins Blog]

A man in a Brunell jersey is roundly mocked. [Straight Cash Homey]

Strong column on the lottery, with Melo speculation thrown in. [Mike Wise]

More on the Wiz chasing Carmelo in the summer of 2011. [Dan Shanoff]

Steve Buckhantz’ reaction to the lottery is pretty perfect. [D.C. Sports Bog]

Flip on Wall and Gilbert playing together. [D.C. Sports Bog]

Shoals on Gil, Wall and how this will or will not work out. [FanHouse]

And the best read yet on Wall and Arenas working it out. [Truth About It]

Wall doesn’t have tats, and he wears his jeans up high! [Wizards Insider]

Wiz sold 400 season tickets in the 12 hours following the lottery. [WaPo]

Nats break losing streak with Storen, Clip & Save closing it out. [WaPo]

The game featured two of baseball’s rarest plays. [Big League Stew]

Strasburg dominates yet again in Triple-A, tops 90 pitches. [Nats Journal]

When this guy writes about one of your guys, you read it. [Joe Posnanski]

O’s blow another strong start from Guthrie, lose a close one. [The Sun]

Awesome photo of Manute Bol and the Washington Monument. [@si_vault]

Is Greivis Vasquez a closet Duke fan? Does it matter? [The Sporting Blog]

Examining Ralph Friedgen’s “surface-of-the-sun” hot seat. [Dr. Saturday]

JMU lands a JUCO transfer to help compete for the CAA. [JMU Sports Blog]

D.C. sports version of Obama Hope poster, starring Wall, etc. [@timjonesjr]

10 thoughts on “DMV: Say It Ain’t So, Santana Man”

  1. Why doesn’t he deserve the shitstorm if it was him? I don’t know that I necessarily agree with HGH being a banned substance but the fact is that it is. I love the guy but I think he has some questions to answer if it is him.

  2. if he used, then pack shit get out. and on the way out, get a refund because the “Performance” enhancing drugs he used did not help his performance.

    if not, then come out tell us what happened and move on.

  3. If he did do it, he deserves to be suspended, or whatever it is the NFL does these days. Beyond that, I don’t really care, because I don’t get outraged by PED-related stuff anymore and haven’t for some time.

  4. Little man just wants to be bigger! I was really disappointed that Moss the “cowboy killah” may be the culprit. I was hoping it would be someone lik….Galloway, but thinking that it was Landry. Czaban, or some other radio guy, was talking about how much he bulked up the last few months.

  5. My first thought was Laron Landry when this came out. He’s gained all that weight, is more jacked up, takes dumb penalties, and they wanted to include him in trades.

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